Monday 11 January 2016

Hair, hair, hair! It's all about the gorgeous hair!

Hello beauties!

In this post I'm going to talk about...guess what?!...well, hair, as the title clearly says! ;-)
You know how I like having long hair, and I treat my hair very well, using only top quality products to make it stronger, shinier and moisturised. I also like to visit often my hairdresser, so she helps me out in keeping my hair beautiful looking.
I revealed my haircare secrets many times in my blog post and youtube videos, such as using natural oils (coconut, argan, line seed, or sapote) as a pre-shampoo treatments, or not messing around with your hair colour too often!

But, what do I do when I want to instantly add volume to my hair (and a lot of it), to make some really cool hairstyles? Well, I turn to my hair extensions! I think hair extensions are the quickest way to change your hair styling for a day, without any regrets, as all you need to do is clip them out of your hair, once you want your regular hairstyle back :-)

That's why I love using clip in hair extensions! I already have long hair, so if I'm going to use hair extensions, it's going to be to instantly add volume when creating braids, or fishtails.

If your hair is shorter and you'd like more permanent solution, you can decide to bonde in your extensions, but make sure to get a nice haircut, so your hair extensions will blend nicely with your own hair, and the difference won't be noticeable!

Mofan hair is a great web site for hair extensions, as they have great quality hair available in many different styles and colours!

You can shop by the type of the hair that you prefer, and pick your faves based on the colour chart that will help you find your perfect match.

You can choose hair weft of your preference, depending on the hair fiber, hair colour, length and texture.

I often get asked questions about how to take proper care of your hair extensions to make them last in time and for many usages. 
First of all, I think it's important to choose a great quality hair. So do your research, inform yourself about the best hair extensions shops, check out customer's on-line reviews, and ask questions before making your order! A serious company will have a great customer's service always ready to help you out and answer any question that you might have regarding their product.
Then, obviously, you need to take care of your extensions after you receive them nicely so they don't get all tangled up, wash them in a mild shampoo and use detangling brushes to gently get rid of any knots that might have formed. Most of hair extensions will already come with instructions for use!

If your hair is curly, or if you like wearing curly hairstyles, so you don't want having to curl your extensions, along with your natural hair, on a daily basis, you can opt for curly hair weft

There are so many curly wefts to choose from, again, based on your natural's hair structure, or your personal preference in wearing your hairstyle, you can choose from a super curly hair, to more relaxed curls or loose waves.

Don't forget, you can experiment with your new hair extensions, have fun in creating new looks for you, but make sure they blend well with your natural hair, because you don't want it to be obvious that you're wearing extensions! The trick is in having them look beautiful and natural :-)

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  1. Perfect hair, great site, super post :)))

    Brina xoxo,

  2. Super post najdraža! <3

  3. Where could I get Cheap wigs online? Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks for sharing!


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