Friday 4 November 2016

Sporty look, fall layering & choker necklaces ♥

Another fall outfit, sporty chic and lots of layering, just the way I like it! To complete the look, I added my '90.-ies choker and some dainty necklaces :-)
The photos were taken just at the golden hour so that's why everything is so earth toned and the colours of the fall season are even more accentuated.
I'm starting to appreciate the beauty of this season more and more!

Here we were also shooting "My car tour" video, that's coming up very soon on my youtube channel so don't miss out on that one because when we're talking about my car, we're talking about something really special and I'm entitled to brag about it! :-)

Jos jedan tipican jesenji outfit, sportski chic, slojevito oblacenje, a kao trend sezone i neizostavne "choker" ogrlice, ravno ih 90.-tih!
Fotkice su nastale pred sam zalazak sunca, zbog toga su zlatni i zemljani tonovi jos naglaseniji i jesen ovdje djeluje divno!
Svakim danom sve vise i vise otkrivan cari jeseni!

Ovdje smo snimali i video "Tour mog automobila" koji ce biti vrlo brzo uploadan na moj youtube kanal, pa ne propustite pogledati jer radi se o zaista necem posebnom i dozvoljeno mi je hvalisanje :-)

BAG: Zara
SHIRT: Bought in Italy years ago, no name brand
SNEAKERS: Adidas Superstar
JEANS: H&M (mod. body shaping mama)


  1. Very nice styling :)

  2. I absolutely love it! That pop of plaid is so perfect. Just a great way to incorporate a little bit of print.

  3. Thanks for sharing! So adorable and sweet)

  4. Such a great style and outfit. I wear something like that everyday cuz it looks great and it's really comfy <3

  5. Great shoot. You look amazing with that look in the sunshine. Maybe I should also take pictures in the sunshine with my wedding dresses


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