Monday 16 January 2017


Hello beauties!
In this post I'd like to recommend you my favourite body care products that I've been using during my pregnancy, to prevent stretchmarks.
I'm now 39 weeks, full term, and no stretchmarks yet :-) My bump has grown significantly, and a few weeks ago I could feel the actual pain of my skin stretching out and my belly button slowly disappearing...I was pretty sure I was going to get stretchmarks, and I was even ok with that happening, but, luckily, my skin managed to stretch out so, so much without consequences! I believe the merit goes to the fact that I'm keeping it super moisturized and I apply a body butter and anti-stretchmarks oil after every shower!

I guess I can thank a little bit to the genetics too: My Mum didn't get any stretchmarks, even though, as she says, by the end of her pregnancy she got really huge! She told me that she was using Nivea body lotion every time after showering during her pregnancy and that this helped her a lot! (Consider the fact that, 35 years ago, when she had me, there weren't that much body care options available on the market!)

I however, did arm myself with a whole army of anti-stretchmarks products and natural oils, that are known to nourish skin, keeping it smooth and soft.

Pampering myself with body butters and oils never was a hard task for me: I never felt too lazy to apply a body moisturizer, on the contrary, this is one small beauty ritual I really enjoy...After taking a shower, lathering myself up in some kind of rich, luxurious, body nourishing cream/ oil is a real pleasure . It allows me to start my day in a better mood!

These here are all the products I used during my pregnancy and that I was very pleased with!

- Mustela stretchmarks prevention oil
- Babylove Mama Pflegeol (exclusive to DM drugstores)
- Babylove Mama nipple cream (exclusive to DM drugstores)
- Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
- Bio oil
- I Provenzali Almond Oil

I do intend on using anti- stretchmarks products even after I give birth (I heard stretchmarks can be formed even after you've given birth, when your body is shrinking down to its regular size).
I do have some very old stretchmarks on my hips, that were actually caused by a growth spurt, when I was 15 years old! Those are very old and quite faded, but they never  went away completely.
Currently I'm trying to use up the almond oil, and then I'll continue my "treatments" with Bio-oil.

Some of these products on the photo above, I already used up (I started my pregnancy with Mustela, then went to Burt's Bees belly butter, and now towards the end of my pregnancy, I'm using Bio almond oil.)

I also did a detailed review video showing you all these products and talking a bit more about their properties and effects! This video is dedicated to pregnancy body care routine. I'm talking about how to prevent pregnancy stretchmarks and showing you my favourite belly butters, body lotion, natural oils that are designed specifically for pregnant women.

You can check out my video here:

Keep in mind that you can use all these products even if you aren't pregnant! Because I have a few old stretchmarks, I've been using anti- stretchmarks products for years, way before I even started thinking about pregnancy. Most of the times I'd use anti- stretchmarks products specific for pregnant women, just because I fond out they were the most effective ones!


  1. Great tips.

  2. Helpful post for moms to be <3


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