Tuesday 28 March 2017

Last pregnancy OOTD

Hello world!
Whilst my little one is taking one of his short afternoon naps, I thought I'd hurry up and write a few lines here as it's been a while...
This OOTD is the last pregnancy outfit we photographed, but I never got around posting it, the time just flew by! We shot this outfit probably in November or early December so I was already in my third trimester, getting towards the end of my pregnancy. By this stage, all I wanted to wear were comfy and warm sweater dresses!
This dress I actually grabbed at my local thrift store, for only 2 €! I love the oversized fit of it and I'm sure I'm going to wear it even next year, for the colder weather.

My little boy is already 2 months old! At first, I didn't have any time for myself or for my work on blog or youtube (good thing I had some pre recorded videos that I filmed in advance, so there wouldn't be too long of a gap between posting on my social medias! I really didn't want to neglect you guys who have been following me for all these years!)
As my boy is getting bigger, we're slowly establishing some sort of a routine and he spends much more time naping, or awake, but not crying and instead exploring the world and the things that surround him with interest and always with a smile on his face.
He's adorable and I could watch him for hours and spend a whole day interacting with him. These moments are so precious, I want to soak everything in!
Even now, as I'm writing this post, I'm sitting next to him, as he's sleeping on my bed, and I watch him with a smile on my face and immense love in my heart!

Outfit details:

Wool coat- H&M
Bandana - local chinese store
Sweaterdress- thrifted
Boots- Dr. Marten's
Black tights- Kiabi (maternity)
Leather backpack- old (bought in Croatia more than 15 years ago)
Rings- H&M, Accessorize, Bijou Brigitte & other

Oh btw, please ignore the hot mess of my hair! It wasn't the happiest period as I wasn't able to visit my hairdresser in Croatia, and also, because of the pregnancy, I had to be careful of what I'm using to colour my hair!

In case you haven't seen them yet, here are some new pregnancy related videos that I recently uploaded on my youtube channel:

"What's in my hospital bag for labour and delivery"

"Pregnancy/Maternity Outlet Haul"

"My Pregnancy Diet"

Also, if you're interested to hear about my labour & delivery, check out this video HERE!


  1. Beautiful coat;)


  2. Great outfit! :)


  3. You look so charming! love such casual looks)


  4. Gratuluję i życzę powodzenia w tym pięknym stanie.

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  6. Tão bonita!! Tudo a correr bem com a gravidez...um grande beijinho

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