Wednesday 28 June 2017

White Turtleneck Dress & Other Summer Must Haves by Rosegal

Hello guys!

Today I have a new wish list for you, this time I visited Rosegal webstore in a search for white turtleneck dress and also yellow wrap dress .

As you might already know, my favourite colour to wear in summertime is white, there's no doubt about it! I decided to venture into something new and opt for yellow because this colour is actually very popular this season.

I was never 100% sure about whether yellow is flattering on me, as I was always very self conscious about my pale skin, but this time I said: "Why not?" It's such a fun and vibrant colour and a wrap dress in that colour is going to be ideal for those hot summer days when you don't want to think too much about putting together a whole outfit, but you wish to have only one item that's good to go!

This is the white dress I pick, I like it because of the lace detailing around the neck, and also because it's a more relaxed and casual model, great for everyday wear!

As far as yellow dress, I like this model here:

I love it because it's such an easy to throw on and wear item, and this print and these tones of yellow would  suit even my pale skin, I'm sure of it!

I also picked some cool accessories to complete my summer look!

This simple, staw material hat is perfect for the beach, and I would wear it with the dress I showed you on the pic above :-)

Also, I'm loving this pom pom beach bag! I have a similar style of bag from the past summer and I can definitely recommend these to you! They're super trendy, cute and practical for carrying all your summer beach essentials :-)

I hope that you liked my little wish list / recommendations!
I invite you to stop by Rosegal for more fashion & style inspiration :-)

Enjoy your summer loves!

xo from Italy,

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