Saturday 21 October 2017

OMG! Garlic Shampoo Against Hair Loss!?

Hi guys!
Do you remember my post about snail gel cream that acts as the best anti-aging for your skin?
Well, I decided to start a whole new series, where I'll be finding the weirdest beauty products ever, that actually work!
In this post I'm going to present you a garlic shampoo that works against hair loss. This is great if you're experiencing hair loss with the change of seasons, hair thinning, or post pregnancy hair loss.
Slovenian brand Afrodita, placed on the market this super cool hair shampoo that actually works!
I didn't even know that garlic is used in anti hair loss therapy, obviously, my fist thought was the awful smell that garlic leaves for days!
Nobody finds that appealing, right?
But fear not, this hair shampoo doesn't smell anything like garlic! On the container it says: "With fresh spring scent"
So the scent is actually very pleasant, yes, very fresh indeed and definitely not too overpowering!

I bought this hair shampoo a while ago, as I love Afrodita beauty products and at the time, this was their new release. To be honest with you, I only started using it a few weeks ago!
I think I've been experiencing some post-pregnancy hair loss and I really wanted to reach for a natural remedy, so I instantly thought of trying this shampoo that was sitting in my bathroom cabinet, unopened.
It's supposed to be a 100% natural cure for hair loss and this shampoo is paraben, paraffin and silicone free.

How does it work?
Garlic stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, strengthening your hair from roots to ends!
It's important to rub the shampoo into your scalp during a second shampooing, with a 1-3 minute massage, for optimum anti hair loss results.

Does it actually work?
I believe that it does. I've been using it for a good couple of weeks now and recently, when combing my hair, I noticed a bunch of new, baby hair poking out from my scalp.
Other than that, I love the texture of this shampoo , it leaves me with a fresh and clean, nicely moisturised hair.
It's good to mention that it comes in absolutely massive container (1000 ml) and that the price is actually very good! (around 5 € for this entire thing!)
Not the most practical for travelling, but you can easily pour the needed amount in another, travel friendly container (a lot of drugstores sell travel size, empty containers, so there you go!)

If you come across this shampoo, do try it out! Even if you aren't fighting hair loss, but only wish for thicker, stronger, luscious locks!
Do you have any specific anti hair loss tips that you'd like to share?

xo from Italy,

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