Wednesday 20 December 2017

November's Empties

Hello beauties!

This month too, I have some "empties" to share with you.
These are the products I was using diligently over the past couple of months and now it's time to separate from them.
Some of them, I'll be repurchasing for sure, whilst some weren't really that great.

Which ones did I love?

Let's find out! 

This month too, I have prepared my 5 empty products to review for you!

First is Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Strengthening Milk, a really awesome hair care/ hair styling product, that I've already reviewed in my video.

I love this heat protectant because it also helps your hair dry faster and it leaves it very soft, shiny and beautiful!
It protects it from the heat of blowdrying and straightening/ curling, whilst also leaving it wonderfully scented.
My hair felt so lush after applying this product! Needless to say, a little goes a long way, so even though this product comes at a high price mark, it's worth it as it'll last you a very long time!
Yes, I'm definitely putting this one on my "To Buy" list!

Next is a leave in conditioner by Kemon, Happy Color Magic Spray.
I got this one as a gift from my hairdresser, when I was doing some promo work for her new hair salon.
Kemon is a well known Italian brand for professional hair care and hair colouring.
This leave in conditioner is supposed to protect freshly colored hair by sealing in the color and protect it from fading.
It lasted me for absolutely ages, even though I was using it every time after washing my hair. Honestly, I don't think it was doing much for my hair and I think this product is more suitable for red heads (we know how difficult is to mantain red hair vibrant and how quickly it washes off), or dark brunettes.

I won't be purchasing this product in the future, but I appreciate the gift so much, as it's a product meant for professional use (the price mark is higher too) and it was such a lovely gesture by my hairdresser.

Next on my list I have some face care products: Caudalie Moisturizing Mask and Glam Glow Youth Cleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser.
I loved them both!
The Caudalie mask I'll be repurchasing for sure, as it was highly hydrating and I loved leaving it on my face overnight for that extra hydration boost.

Glam and Glow cleansing foam felt really pampering but I don't think I can justify the price point. I purchased this one in a kit with other Glam Glow products (and on sale, at my local Sephora), but I can't help but question myself, is it really that great to justify such high price?
If it was just a bit more convenient, I'd gladly purchase it again, as I love it's texture and how it transforms from mud to foam, leaving my skin gently exfoliated, soft and bright.

I did a detailed review of Glam Glow products in this video , if you care to check it out!

The last product that I'd like to mention is one that I already repurchased as it's definitely a must, especially now that I'm a Mum and don't have much time to dedicate to my beauty routine on a daily basis (but don't feel like giving up on it, lol!)
It's this Nivea In Shower Body Lotion

I can say many great things about it!
- Generally speaking, I love Nivea products
- The price is very accessible
- Moisturizing, pampering
- Saves you up some time when doing your body care routine after showering
- it helped me mantain my beauty routine and keep the skin of my body soft in my post partum period, when I didn't have much time, nor strength to dedicate to pampering myself
- It comes in different scents, but my personal fave is the Milk & Cocoa!

These are 5 empties that I have prepared to share with you this month, mostly all went straight up on my faves list!

Let me know have you ever tried any of these products?

With December and the year's end, I might be wrapping up the "empties" posts for a little while. I might be doing them periodically, not on a monthly basis, but before taking this decision, I'd like to hear your thoughts!
Would you like me to keep posting "Empties" on a monthly basis or do you prefer to read about them every now and then?

xo from Italy,

* find out more on Glam Express


  1. It is wonderful that your hairdresser gave you such a lovely gift! But totally understandable why you wouldn't want to re-purchase it. Great post!


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