Monday 29 January 2018

Decluttering & Purging My Makeup Collection: Getting Rid of My Lip Glosses & Lipsticks!

Hi guys!

OK, let's do this! It's time to clear out & declutter my makeup collection!

It's something I've been wanting to do for a while now, but I never got around to it and I just kept buying more makeup and piling everything up.
I know that makeup has an expiration date and passed a certain point it can go bad. Using old makeup can cause allergies and make more bad than good on your face.
I also started wondering: "Why do I need a makeup collection in the first place?
What am I going to do with it?"
I'm not a makeup artist and using up a makeup product takes awhile and considering the amount of makeup that I currently have,  I cannot possibly use it in a lifetime, even if I wore makeup every single day (which I don't, especially since I became a Mum, these days I use makeup maybe once or twice a week and I cut it down to only a few essentials that really work well for me!)

The Youtube beauty community, social influencers, advertisements and trends are all big enablers and took me down a path of consumerism. So, I finally decided I wanted it to stop.
I'm not becoming a minimalist, I just want to be more conscious. Before making any new purchase, I want to ask myself twice, do I really want and need this product?

Before I started youtube/ blogging, I had only one makeup case and all my makeup could fit into it. Those products worked well on my face, I loved using them and I was making the most out of them.
Years after, I find myself with a whole chest of drawers full of makeup items! That's just not realistic, it's a waste of money and a waste of products.

So I decided to get started by getting rid of all my old or unused lipsticks and lip glosses.

On three paper sheets I wrote:


and I started decluttering!

You can watch my decluttering video here:

OMG, the somewhat sad and scary thing is the fact that on youtube, I saw decluttering videos of makeup collections way, waaay bigger than mine!
So with my decluttering vlog video I want to set an example and inspire people to buy less and make the most of what they have!

This is what was left of my lipsticks and lipglosses collection after decluttering! Still a ton of products, I know!

Join me on my makeup decluttering journey because soon I'll be cutting down half of my foundations!

Let me know, do you have a makeup collection and do you think it's time to sort it out a bit?

xo from Italy,

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