Tuesday 24 April 2018

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Hello beauties!

Warmer weather is here and with Spring and Summer also come many special occasions and celebrations, weddings, christenings and other parties...
Who doesn't want to look its best?
We all dream of having luscious, voluminous, beautiful & shiny hair! 
Often, too many colouring treatments & heat appliances can leave traces on our hair, making it weak and stressed out...I often write about how to take care of your hair, nourish it to make it long & healthy, but in this post I'd like to offer you some alternatives if you're looking for a "quick fix", or just want to change your look temporarily, without changing your hair length or colour!
You know how I like having long hair, and I treat my hair very well, using only top quality products to make it stronger, shinier and moisturised. I also like to visit often my hairdresser, so she helps me out in keeping my hair beautiful looking.
I revealed my haircare secrets many times in my blog post and youtube videos, such as using natural oils (coconut, argan, line seed, or sapote) as a pre-shampoo treatments, or not messing around with your hair colour too often!

Here is where hair wigs come in!
Hair wigs are perfect solution for anyone who is feeling playful and want to experiment with different looks, but doesn't want to commit to one look for a long period of time, and also wants to preserve their hair the way it currently is, without actually having to change it dramatically!
Hair wigs are so much fun! You can experiment with different hair colours and hair textures, and try hairstyles you'd never even dream of actually doing on your own hair!
They're also great and quick option for special occasions when you want to feel extra glam and special.

I'd like to show you some BestHairBuy Wigs that I found very appealing:

You can choose from Hot Now, Fashion Style, Natural Looking or Quick Weave options!

This wig called my attention as this hair colour is very in, but it's also super hard to achieve it without damaging your natural hair! So why not opt for this cool wig?

BestHairBuy brazilian hair is one of the besy quality hair types, so I was curious to see some of the styles they offer and share some of the most popular choices with you!

From many colours, textures and styles, my choice was this light blonde/ ombre look!
I opted for waves because I like this look on me, and I don't always have time to style my hair like that, so having already wavy extensions saves up some time on daily hairstyling routine!

BestHairBuy hair extensions come at very competitive prices and that's why many customers opt for this brand.
I often get asked a lot a question about hair extensions and whether I wear them on a daily basis... Just to clear things out, I don't wear hair extensions on a daily basis. My hair is naturally quite long, so I don't need hair extensions to make it longer, but I do like to use them every now and then, to add volume to my hair.
When my hair is super voluminous, I find that I can be more creative with different hairstyles, especially side braids and eye catching fishtails. Those are my favourite summer hair styles and everybody always compliments my hair when I wear it like that!

As I'm a beauty/ fashion blogger, trying out new styles is something of my interest, so sometimes I'll use them for a special events I might have, or  filming a hair tutorial!

Because my hair is highlighted and it has got all the different shades of blonde and brown, I'm not really worried about picking the right shade for me, as I find most blonde shades blend with my hair colour perfectly! However I do like to stick to golden/honey/strawberry shades of blonde, as I find bleach blonde would stick out too much from my own hair colour!

Here is what I think would work best for my hair:

I really like this shade of blonde! I think it would mix well with my current hair colour :-)

For more hair extensions & hair wigs tips and general info connect with BestHairBuy on their social medias:

Let me know have you ever tried hair wigs or hair extensions and which styles do you like best?

* in collaboration with BestHairBuy


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