Tuesday 29 May 2018

Prom Dress 2018 |babyonlinedress| My Embarrassing Prom Story!

Hello beauties!

Today's post is dedicated to prom and all those gorgeous dresses for special events that can transform you in a real life fairy princess.

First, let me tell you a little story about my prom. Actually, looking back at it, I kind of regret it right now. I never went to my prom. Our class was a bit divided and some of us wanted to go to a trip instead of going to a prom. But then, the majority decided we would have a prom. I was a bit stubborn and I refused to give my acceptance to this decision.

I decided, along with two of my friends, to stay at home instead and ignore prom. We acted as a complete geeks, I know, but this is how the story went!
To tell you the truth, I didn't even know who would be my date for prom, as back in the day I was very shy and didn't have any male friends (lol, I know!).

Now that I shared with you this (kind of) embarrassing memory, I also want to give you advice not to do as I did, but to just go out and have fun! Be joyful, carefree and enjoy every single moment of your youth and share and create beautiful memories with your friends.

Prom as we all know, is one of the very important events in a young girl's life. It's definitely an event to remember forever and every girl wants to keep as one of her  best memories.

It should be a very fun day, filled with happiness, joy, cheerfulness and youth!
That's why every girl needs the right dress to shine like a star and to truly feel that way.

I got a chance to collaborate with Babyonlinedress.com, a company that specializes in producing and distributing dresses for prom, weddings and all sorts of special occasions. So I picked one dress from their big selection and also a few of my other favorites from their bestsellers to share with you as inspiration!

How gorgeous are the floral appliques? This detail makes the dress so special. Tulle is definitely my cup of tea and this particular dress you can even wear as a skirt, and for those casual days, if you put a cool print sweatshirt on top and pair it with flats or sneakers. Having troubles picturing it? Try it out for yourself! I have a similar tulle dress and I wore it for special occasions but even for those casual days.
In some photos, I'm wearing my black Emporio Armani shoes but then I switched to Zara red heels, as I thought they go better with the color of this dress and with my red lipstick. What do you guys think and which do you prefer?

Emory A-Line Crew Tea Length Lace Appliques Short Prom Dress in Dark Navy available here
Emporio Armani Shoes
Zara Red Faux Suede Classic High Heels 
The prices are very competitive, the quality is great and the shipping is rather quick (I guess it also depends on where do you live- the company does ship worldwide! But it didn't take long for it to arrive here in Italy.)

Here are a few of alternatives that I liked from Babyonlinedress:

You can check out my video where I talk more about prom dresses 2018. & styling tips here:

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Tell me everything about your prom! How it went and what dress did you wear?

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with Babyonlinedress
**check out Glam Express for more fashion & beauty articles


  1. Your dress is amazing! You look so beautiful in it. <3

  2. Veramente molto bello. Buona notte.

  3. Mislim da i kod mene neki nisu išli na maturalnu, kod nas nije bilo pratnje jer smo bili otprilike pola pola, kod nas je pratnja samo kod škola koje su gotovo isključivo muške ili ženske. Jako je lijepa ova haljiica.

    1. Ma da, kod nas je bilo samo 5 decki u razredu i jedan od njih nije isao na maturalnu, tako da su sve cure imale pratnju.

  4. Amazing dress dear, looks great on you! Have a great day! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  5. You are looking gorgeous in these pictures, which you have shared here. Your blue prom dress is looking very beautiful and I liked it. If anyone looking to buy long prom dresses at the affordable price, Visit amyprom


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