Wednesday 20 June 2018

Charcoal Teeth Whitening | BIANCO SMILE Premium Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush + Oral Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth!

Hello guys!

I teamed up with Bianco Smile to share with you my best oral hygiene tips for healthy teeth and gums, and also, I got to test out their Premium Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush.
Bianco Smile is a company that specializes in teeth whitening products, based on charcoal.
They have 100% natural, vegan options, replacing harmful chemicals that make your gums sensitive, with other whitening agents that bring out even better result!

Charcoal teeth whitening isn't any news for me! Since I was a kid, I used to listen to the stories of my grandmother's brother and his beautiful white teeth! Back then, there weren't so many beauty products available on the market, so he was actually using charcoal to whiten his teeth! This story stuck with me, so I wasn't surprised when this whole "new trend" of charcoal teeth whitening exploded in our beauty community!

In this video I talk more about the bamboo toothbrush and I also test in out on camera! Check it out

The toothbrush is very lightweight and the bristles are soft and safe for the gums. I'll keep testing it for the next couple of months, and, hopefully, it'll help to lighten my teeth for at least one shade.
I'm pretty content with how my teeth look like, but I noticed that during my pregnancy, they went a shade darker! I don't know if that was pregnancy related, or just a coincidence, but I don't drink coffee and I'm not big on drinking tea, so I don't know what else might have cause it.

I'm obsessed with good oral hygiene, and having healthy teeth is so important for me! 
Visiting dentist for regular check ups twice a year is a must, and so is brushing my teeth after each meal. I also recommend flossing before going to sleep, and using a good mouth wash. In alternative, coconut oil pulling is also something that works well!

Personally, I prefer investing in good oral hygiene, than buying a new lipstick and I really believe that here, in our beauty community, we should talk more about the importance of it!

Also, Bianco Smile products are approved internationally and abide by healthy and consumer regulations. Their products are tested by professional experts and aren't tested on animals.

Replacing your toothbrush every 2-3 months is a must, and obviously after each flu or cold.
Bianco Smile instagram community is ever growing and thousands of satisfied consumers are sharing their "before" and "after" pics!
I'll be sharing soon my results too, so make sure to follow my instagram if you aren't yet! (Stop by and say "hi"!)

I hope that you like this little improvised photo session from my bathroom! ;-)


  1. What a great post! I keep hearing about these types of products but haven't taken the plunge and tried it for myself yet. One day!

    1. I really like the toothbrush! Haven't tried the charcoal powder though, after that bad experience I've had with a toothpaste, I'm kind of scared to try similar thing again :-/


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