Wednesday 26 September 2018

Fall is in the air! And now, what to wear?

Hello guys!

As I've mentioned in my previous post, since a few days ago,  I've been feeling that Fall is here, especially when I look outside of my window and see a bed of leaves, led to my garden by the wind.

With such a sudden arrival of colder season, I find it a bit challenging to jump from my summer clothes into as equally stylish fall clothes.
The first thing that comes in my mind is layering, and then I also thing about appropriate outerwear.

Stylish outerwear can really make your outfit updated and trendy, you don't actually need to go and buy tons of new clothing pieces to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

I suggest looking for promotions and good deals when purchasing your new coat or jacket. Those are the items that can be a bit more pricey, so it's always nice to have a little bit of discount!

Black Friday is usually when I search for good deals. I already have one item high on my priority list, but I'm waiting patiently to see if I can get a bit on discount on it.

Black Friday women's outerwear clothing  that I recommend are these gorgeous pieces:

This faux fur coat is too amazing to pass on! A lot of fashion stores offer similar clothing items, but this particular one is available in different colors (Which one is your fave? I'm debating between the pink and icy white!)

Another super cool item is this aviator jacket!

This one is warm and cozy and at the same time very cool and stylish! I have similar ones in beige, and blue and I wear them both every Fall season. This particular colour is also gorgeous, but I need to remind myself that I already have two very similar jackets :-) But I can still put it here as a recommendation, because it's something that I have and love to wear!

Are you curious to see some Cyber Monday warm coats on sale that I spotted on-line?

This fluffy black coat is very chic and I love the fact that it's longer so it's great for cold days of late Fall.
You can wear it with many different things, you'll always look stylish and put together!

I recommend you this leopard print, fuzzy and warm coat, because I have a very similar one in my closet and yes, I've had it for many years.
I love to wear it to spice up my outfit, when I'm wearing something plain and simple underneath.

Fashionme is the on-line web store where I got most of my inspiration from. They have really stylish, trendy and up to date pieces at very affordable and competitive prices.
If you're on a lookout for a nice jacket, or coat to warm up and stay cool, this is one shopping destination you can't miss :-)

Let me know what is your fave piece from this inspiration board?
How is your style going to be like this Fall season, and, do you enjoy layering and being creative with your outfits (I'd say, this is one of the benefits of Fall!).

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with Fashionme


  1. All of these coats are just beautiful! Definitely a great way to start off the fall season :)

  2. Mi piacciono, molto. L’unico che non è di mio gusto è l’ultimo.. Ciao ciao.

  3. Great jackets! Love the first one! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  4. I love second jacket,looks great.

  5. Hi Sonia! I love all these coats, they look wonderful.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!


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