Wednesday 17 October 2018

Women's fall fashion: Latest trends from

Hello guys!

My last outfit post actually featured summer clothing, so yes, I know it's been a while (I was really busy with just everyday life & mommy things), but I'm back now! I've been posting regularly videos on my youtube channel, so you can check them out if you haven't yet.
It seems that Fall is finally here! Actually, over the past few days it got chilly and gloomy outside, it already feels & looks like fall. It seems that it's time again to start wearing warm coats and wool sweaters.
Sometimes I find it hard to switch from one season to another! It seems like I just don't know what to wear or what should my style be for the new season :-/ Ugh!

Anyway, I was browsing through the on-line stores offer, looking to get inspired for my fall wardrobe. As I did a big closet clearout, now I need to fill it with some cool new bits, haha! Actually, I'm just looking for a slight update of my already existing wardrobe, as I usually do with every new season.

So I came across LUVYLE web store and I really liked their store's offer and affordable prices.
I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I already included on my shopping list for the new season :-)
This might be interesting to you if you're in the same situation as I am, not really knowing how to define your style for the new season, and looking for those "key" pieces!
I was looking at some women's fashion tops and here are a few pieces that caught my attention:

I was thinking of something cozy, warm and ideal for work days, and lounging too!

I'm really won over by this cozy and warm sweater! I really like to wear grey hues in Fall, so this is definitely going on my wish list!

This is another super cute little number! I obviously need this, haha :-)

I also looked through the sections of women's casual dresses as I need a few nice models for everyday wear.

Here are the pieces that I found very appealing:

These pieces are great as a part of the office look, but they also go great with leggings for more casual and relaxed style. I love this casual button down shirt dress!

This long grey, a bit oversized dress is very cool! These pieces are a must because they go perfectly with every style/ look/ outfit! 

These last two pieces are more feminine, whereas the first two are more cozy and comfy.
I love all these pieces, and the prices are super affordable, most of them are now on promotion! With less than $100 budget, you're able to renew your fall and winter wardrobe and bring some cool new looks into your existing style!

I hope you liked my new wishlist and these garments that I picked! 
Let me know which one of these items do you like best?
It looks like it's going to be a cozy fall season for me :-)

I'll talk to you soon :-)

xo from Italy,

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