Thursday 22 November 2018

Must Have Outerwear For The Fall Season - My Top 5 Pieces!

Hello lovelies!

In this post I'd like to share with you my top five favorite outerwear pieces for the fall season. I tried to cover every weather condition from the warm and sunny early fall, to chilly and rainy to late cold fall season and and right before wintertime. I hope you'll like my suggestions!

For early fall, I definitely recommend a simple, black leather jacket. You can wear it with everything and it's ideal with summer dresses too, when you want to transition them in your fall outfits.

Next on my list is a bomber jacket. These days, you can find really cute ones and it's even better if they're reversible so that way you have two jackets in one! This one is reversible and has a pretty pink color on the inside. A bomber jacket adds a sporty chic vibe to your look.

When days get a bit colder, it's good to have a fashionable cape that you can wear over your chunky knit cardigan, or on top of a leather jacket.

When it's gloomy outside, I like to wear colorful pieces in my wardrobe. This jacket is cashmere so it's very warm and I usually wear it on top of my leather jacket (which only goes to show how a black leather jacket truly is a must have!).

My tip is to buy your wool jackets a bit larger in size, that way you can layer them over your leather or jean jackets on the days when it's very cold outside.

A warm aviator jacket is my must have in late fall, when it gets chillier outside and you just want to wrap yourself in something fuzzy, soft and warm!
I have two aviator jackets, a blue one with some kind of crazy print by Replay and this one that you can see in the photo above is from H&M. If you need to opt for one, I recommend either neutral beige or black, as you'll wear them the most.
H&M and Zara have these in stock basically every fall season and you can also find them online at affordable prices.

I hope you liked these suggestions! Let me know what your must haves are for the fall season!

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