Wednesday 5 December 2018

Wardrobe Renewal for the Cold Weather - Winter Fashion Haul | Shop2Today

Hello lovelies!

As you probably already know, I stopped buying so much excessive stuff as I used to where I once did hauls practically every week, whether that was beauty, makeup or fashion related. I came to a point where I just was tired of this constant need of buying new things that I don't even use enough as I would like or need to!

I returned to work (from 2 years maternity leave) this past May and as I work as a sales assistant in a big fashion retailer, it's hard to resist all the good deals and employee discounts that we have! I have been buying more for my little one than for myself, but, for this fall season, I picked some new bits to add to my existing wardrobe, just to spice things up a bit! 

These were all a 70% off deals so I thought I'd get them because those are pieces that I'll probably wear a lot! Plus, it's hard to resist a bit of good shopping!

Here is my haul in photos:

These lovely pants were on my wishlist! I just love them, they're wide leg, ankle length and quite high waisted.

This black checked flannel shirt is a bit oversized and I got it in XS (34 EU), but I often wear it unbottoned with a cute tee underneath. It looks great with jeans or leggings.

This warm and cozy knit mock turtleneck sweater is actually from the men's section! I got it for less than €4 (on super sale!) It's very warm and ideal for those upcoming winter days; I also love the color!

This patterned jacket is super nice and when I saw that it went on sale, I decided to get it! I wear it a lot to work.

This oversized, light striped sweater is a must in everyone's wardrobe, as you can combine it with so many things.

Another super cozy and warm item for the upcoming winter! I love to wear the color grey and I like how this cardigan is super soft! It was also on sale, which made my decision to purchase it easier.

This lovely, wide-cut lace dress is just fab! Burgundy is definitely the color of the season and these sold out like crazy! I was able to get my hands on it (the price was also super affordable) and I'll be wearing it a lot for work! I like to be fashionable at work and I think it's nice to dress up when you're working with customers, as they often get inspired by your style!

Sometimes, the temptation of buying some new bits is very big, but there are times when we're a little strapped for cash... :-/ However there is a way to spread the cost on desired items! There is even a way for you to even buy now and pay later.

With shop2day you can find the best solution for you, based on your finances so you can pay back what you've borrowed in monthly or weekly installments. 
They'll compare for you the UK's most popular online catalogues and stores that offer finance options to their customers. Isn't that exciting?

Some of you may find that you prefer not to buy clothes on credit, but when it comes to electricals, furniture and appliances, it's a different story!
Buying those categories can be a challenging task as prices can be quite high and the selection of styles, colours and fabrics is so big that it makes it hard to choose from. 
Sometimes we don't even have time to explore all the options and visit all the stores, so online option and checking out what catalogues offer, seems like such a great idea! The fact that there is option for you to buy electricals, furniture or appliances on finance using a pay later payment plan from an online catalogue, makes the things much easier.

Let me know what is your fave thing  from this haul? Have you also already added some bits to your fall wardrobe? How do you manage your finances when it comes to shopping and have you ever used shop2day's services?

* in collaboration with shop2day


  1. Really cute items will be fun for you to mix and match.



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