Wednesday 4 November 2020


 Hey guys!

I hope you liked my previous post! In this one, I thought I'd switch the subject a little bit, to men's fashion.

I think men's fashion can also be very interesting, especially now, in this period when oversized clothes and masculine lines are very much on trend!

In fact, when I go shopping for clothes (whether it's second hand, or regular stores), I always browse through men's section too. Sometimes the clothes I find there is actually way cooler, better quality and has just the right fit! So I suggest you to do the same, especially if you wish to add something a bit different to your style and wardrobe.

This time, I teamed up with allaboutsuit to present you some of their very cool men's suits, that are carefully selected to follow the latest trends, but also to satisfy everyone's taste.

They offer clothes for any type of special occasions, even wedding and prom. Sometimes, it can be quite challenging for men to find clothes that they actually like, as most of them doesn't really have patience to go in the shops and try the clothes on: That's why if you have your other half also in this sort of trouble, you can show them this website and all the different styles of clothes they offer. I'm sure they'll thank you!

Here are some really nice prom suits, these here are actually my favourites:

I like these two one because they're very elegant and just timeless, perfect for any sort of special occasion, really!

There are also some smart and affordable wedding suits, and here are some of my faves:

How do you like the floral print, and the powdery pink? Are you digging it?

I actually like it very much, because I believe men's fashion can also sometimes be fun! 

What do you say, would your other half like any of these pieces?

I'm going to show my to my hubby these picks of mine and let you know what he thinks of it! ;-)

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with allaboutsuit


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