Sunday 12 September 2021



Hi guys!

I filmed this video some time ago, but now I found the files on my computer and decided to edit it! I think it's going to interest you :-)

My son was so little here, yet already he was helping me out with this project, how cute! :-)

In this fun and simple, easy DIY project, I gave my old Diesel sweatshirt a second life and transformed it to a cool new thing to wear! Actually, this was my hubby's sweatshirt when he was a teenager, or a young adult, and then he gave it to me, and I used it for years to sleep in it. It got stained and it just looked awful, but I still wanted to try and give it a second chance!

I used Coloreria italiana fabric colour and did some fabric cutting to update the style of my sweatshirt. In my video I also talk about being less consumist and just appreciate the thing we already have in our wardrobe, and make the most out of what we already have instead of constantly buying new stuff.

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this is how my old sweatshirt looked like

this is how my old sweatshirt looked like

I used Coloreria Italiana colour for fabric in "Grigio Antico" to update my sweatshirt

I also cut the sweatshirt to update the style a bit, and my doggy (and my little son), were helping me out :-)

The whole process of coloring is super simple and the instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow!

I'm super happy with my cool, "new" sweatshirt! I'll definitely be making more of these DIY projects, giving my clothes a second life!

Let me know, have you ever done similar DIY projects with your clothes, and transformed something you weren't wearing anymore, into a super cool "new" item that you wanted to wear all the time?

I hope this inspired you to do so!


  1. This project looks like a fun idea to reuse old clothes and I think yours ended up so well! Have a great day, dear xx

  2. Oh my gosh, this is such a cool idea! I absolutely love how it turned out. It has a totally new personality now!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!

  4. Super ti je ispala ova majica, sada je kao nova. Da, radila sam i ja neke slične projekte. Nisam bojala majicu u potpunosti tako u mašini, ali radila sam detalje i ukrase s bojama za tekstil. Obično kupim tube boje za tekstil i onda crtam sa njima po odjeći. Radim to dosta često, kad god želim osvježiti nešto.


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