Friday 3 March 2023

Kostrena holds a very special place in my heart :-)



Lungo mare Zurkovo- Kostrena, mjesto gdje me je moj dragi deda ucio igrati poker, gdje sam sa roditeljima kao curica vozila svoj prvi djecji bicikl sa pomocnim kotacima, gdje smo se tata i ja ljuljali na ljuljackama, gdje smo deda i ja setali vecer prije mog prvog skolskog izleta i predvidali lijepo vrijeme za sutrasnji dan, kako bi se izlet mogao ostvariti.

Mjesto gdje sam kao srednjoskolka odlazila autobusom na more sa drustvom, a kasnije sa svojim prvim automobilom, ljeti nakon zavrsenog radnog dana na poslu, ravno na more...uzivancija!

Jednostavno, Kostrena, za nas koji tu blizu zivimo, uzeli bi ju zdravo za gotovo, a kad krenes nabrajati, ona je tako posebna za svakoga od nas...


Coastal walk Zurkovo- Kostrena in Croatia, close to my hometown, is a place where my dear grandpa used to teach me how to play poker. It's also a place where, as a little girl accompanied by my parents, I drove my first bike, where my Dad used to take me to seesaw.

Here is where my grandpa and I walked the night before my first school trip, hoping that tomorrow would be sunny so the school trip could take place.

Kostrena is a place where I used to go to the beach by bus, when I was still in high school, together with my girlfriends, and then, when I started my first job, in summertime, I would come here after work hours, by my first car...and that was such a pleasure! You know, being able to have a dip in the sea straight after a busy work day.

For us who live here, Kostrena might be taken for granted, but, when you start to think about all the memories connected to it, it surely is very special place for each and every one of us...

Outfit details:

Varsity gilet: H&M
Varsity sweatpants: H&M
Denim shirt: Hollister
Mickey Mouse T-shirt: Adidas (second hand)
Sneakers: Reebok Club C (second hand)
Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken
Sunglasses: H&M

Let me know, do you have your "happy place" that you feel special connection to?

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  1. Me encanta que sabes escoger para el lucimiento de las marcas de ropa, los espacios que le dan relieve. Un abrazo. Carlos


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