Wednesday 10 May 2023

OOTD: Mix of casual, sporty & cool


Hello lovelies!

I have these outfit photos to share with you today. These were taken in Italy, in a parking lot of a shopping centre. I wore black bomber jacket, my fave "Nirvana" sweatshirt, green Adidas sweatpants and dr. Marten´s Jadon boots.

I thought I'd share these photos because I really like this relaxed, chilled look😘

I haven't been posting much ootd posts lately, because I just haven't been into that, since I'm really focused on healing 🌸

This week I started physical therapy, and will be doing that twice a week and it's also been a bit over a month that I'm meditating every day.

I really love meditations by dr. Joe Dispenza and Petra Cutuk, I find that my body and soul just craves them.

I also want to update you on how my little garden project has been doing, so I'm definitely going to post more about this in the upcoming days.

Even though I have some cute outfits that I'd like to share, I don't know exactly when am I going to be up for it,  hopefully soon 😊

Outfit details:

Bomber jacket (with shirt detail integrated): Zara

Nirvana sweatshirt: H&M

Green sweatpants: Adidas (second hand, from Messina Hembry at Asos Marketplace)

Dr. Marten´s Jadon boots in white

Leather backpack


I hope you're all having a great week, that you feel uplifted and that great things are coming your way!

xo from Croatia,

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