Monday 20 December 2010

Day Trip In The Mountains: What Do I Carry In My Beauty Case?

So this past Sunday I went to the mountains. I was feeling quite sick lately, due to the cold weather, I caught this bad cold (again!! ugh) and I had difficulties breathing through my nose (so congested!!).
The air where I live is quite polluted and full of humidity, so I really needed to go to the mountains for a "day therapy", just being outside on the fresh, clean air!
I felt so much better :)
I didn't forget about you guys, as the scenery was so picturesque& breathtaking, I wanted to do some videos for my beauty channel.

I took the opportunity of being in the mountains to film my "Questions& Answers" video that you can see by clickig on the link bellow:

I also included some funny moments& bloopers! I personally was laughing hard when I watched this footage, so I thought I'd share some laughs with you guys :)
That is always a nice thing to do, right?

Next, I did a video on what was I carring in my beauty case that day:

Which products do I carry in my beauty case, usually depends on the make up that I'm wearing on my face that day.
But there are also some essentials that I always carry with me, no matter how my make up looks that day!

What was in my beauty case?

So, here is the complete list of the products that I brought with me this Sunday:

  1. Bourjois Paris Compact Powder # 72 Sable Rose 
  2. Essence Pure Skin Oil Control Paper with green tea
  3. Pearsorbet Lip Balm by H&M
  4. Mavala Switzerland Nail Files
  5. Kiko Make Up Milano Lipstick #58
  6. Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Blemish Stick
  7. Kiko Make Up Milano False Lashes Concentrate Volume Top Coat Mascara
  8. Perfume samples: J'adore by Dior and Loud by Tommy Hilfiger
  9. Cute bobby pin
  10. A few Q-tips
  11. One band-aid
  12. Look by Bipa Gloss High Shine #2 Frozen Pink
  13. L'oreal Eye Designer Line& Shadow Pencil in #413 Ebony
  14. Essence Smokey Eyes Pencil (black)
  15. La Roche- Posay Ceralip Lip Repair Cream
  16. Perlier Lip Care Honey Miel Repairing Lip Balm With Royal Jelly
And that's about it!
So MUCH products, and they all fit into my small beauty case! lol!

Here are a few pics of me taken that day:

Just about to film my video...
Thinking about the topics to talk about... ;)

I love the life in the mountains!
And that's it for today's post!
Do let me know do you enjoy being in the mountais? 
And which make up products do you always carry in your beauty case?


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  1. I do enjoy being in the mountains, like when I lived in Germany as a young girl. I loved visiting the castles in the mountains. Most of the time I carry lipstick and powder, at least! LOL Oh, and Switzerland!


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