Friday 24 December 2010

Quick& Simple Make Up Tutorial For After Work Christmas Party!

Here is another one of my make up tutorials inspired by this festive season.
This is a very quick& simple look to create, so I believe it's ideal for after work dinner parties that are usually held just a couple of days before Christmas :)

Just click on the link bellow to watch my tutorial:

I used only three eye shadows:

Kiko Make Up Milano "Back To Black" eyeshadow quad in # 2
I used only the lightest, silver colour.

Essence Hypnotic Blue eye shadow in #10

Kiko Make Up Milano eye shadow in #125

And here are a few pics of the result:

The pop of colour, the electric blue eyeshadow along the upper lash line,
 will accentuate the hazel eyes!

Pretty& simple look, ideal for the special occasions when you don't have much time for preparations,
 but you still want to look good!


As always, don't forget to paint your nails with one of the trendy nail colours for this season!
I believe my choice, the Avon's nail polish, goes really well with the entire look :)

Avon nailwear pro in "Blue Flare"

For all my croatian followers, you can also watch this tutorial in croatian version :)
Just click on the following link:

(Za pratitelje mog bloga/youtube video kanala, koji pricaju hrvatski jezik:
Ovaj video tutorijal dostupan je i na hrvatskom jeziku.
Dovoljno je kliknuti na gornji link!)

I hope you liked this look!

Have fun on your upcomming parties& celebrations!


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  1. Beautiful look, Sonja! I might have to get the Kiko "Back to Black" palette! I think I might have the other Kiko single eyeshadow and love it! Besitos! xx


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