Monday 23 May 2011

OOTD: Just Say H&M!

Hello my lovelies!

After my AVON CLEARSKIN PROFESSIONAL skincare review, here is a quick outfit post.
This is what I was wearing today.
I haven't even realized, until I started writing this post, that most of the clothes that I'm wearing today comes from H&M! Maybe I should have been more creative in mixing different brand names, but idk, it just so happend that I put together a cute outfit by using only one brand! Oh well...
But at least it's inexpensive fashion, affordable to everyone!


Wide braided black belt: H&M

Casual cotton T-shirt: H&M
Lace black tube top: H&M

Ring: H&M
White watch: Fossil
Bracelet: Vintage (inherited from my hubby's relative)

Orange/peachy colour sandals: H&M
NEW COLLECTION! Currently in stores!
Retail price: 9.95€
Grey leggings: Jennifer

Hairstyle: A very loose braid.
I was at the beach yesterday and in the evening, after showering,
I couldn't have been less bothered with styling &
straightening my hair.
As a result today I have A MESS on my head instead of a hair!!!
LOL Joys of summer...

Very light make up.
No foundation, just MAC MSF in Medium Plus.
Navy blue mascara (Physicians Formula)
Vegas Volt amplified creme lipstick by MAC.
On my cheeks: essence Sun Club all over shimmer for BLONDES

Is this a top worn as a skirt, or a skirt that I sometimes wear as a top?
Can't remember anymore, but one thing it is: very versatile! ;)
From H&M, of course!

Today I'm not wearing any nail polish on my finger nails, but on my
toes I'm wearing Chanel 505 Particulière, that I bought past
summer here in Italy.
How were you dressed today?

xoxo Sonja

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