Tuesday 24 May 2011

Update On My Thrifted Tunic Dress & FOTD Vlog

Hello girls!

Remember my tunic dress that I thrifted a few weeks ago?
I showed it to you in my Money Can't Buy Style. Style Thrifted! (for 29€!) video.
Even though brand new, with the labels still on, it had a huge ink stain on the back, on the ruffle edge detail that I haven't noticed when purchasing it!
Anyway, I'm really loving the tunic dress, it looks lovely!

So, I HAD to find a way to remove this ink (stamp: on the back it was written with ink: "Commercial Sample, Not for Resale" - LOL) stain!!!
In my video, I've asked you for advices and suggestions of what should I do and I want to thank to all of you who commented and sent your ideas!

The good news is THE STAIN IS GONE! :)

If you want to know how I removed it, watch my Vlog video that I just uploaded today on my MissTrendyKitty channel.
Also, you'll see my FOTD (face of the day) & a quick Vlog ;)

I'll talk to you again soon!
xoxo Sonja

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