Sunday 28 August 2011

My Enchanted Island...

Hello beauties!

I hope you're all having a great weekend :)

I was thinking: Summer on the island, the sand, the sea...what more does one need?

I really love this swimsuit!
I like to accessorize it with a bold jewellery :)
(The white/greyish marks on the middle part are actually the marks of the dried sea salt!
Of course, I washed it at home & everything was OK! The colour didn't fade!)

I really, really want to live here!
I can just picture myself, blogging every day from this wonderful place :)
Maybe one day... ;)

As far as my outfit, I was wearing:
BRACELET: Inherited from my hubby's relative
DRESS: Bought in Italy last summer (unfortunately, the shop where I bought the dress no longer exists! Such a shame they had to close down the business, I really loved the stuff they were selling. The prices were very much affordable too! This dress was only 5€!)
STRAW HAT: Jennifer
SANDALS: Bought this year in Italy at "Imaty's Fashion Factory" store

Have a beautiful Sunday girls!

xx Sonja


  1. i love your bathing suit! its so different, like a one piece with cutouts :)


  2. Cute swimsuit. I'd love to wear something like this but it would mean I would have more places to catch a sun burn :) I'm so pale!


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