Tuesday 23 August 2011

Outfit of the Night: H&M Beaded Shorts & White Flowy Shirt

Hi girls!

The summer & the hot weather continues!
I love these warm summer nights... after the day spent at the beach, an evening out for a walk around the town centre is a must!

Our friend (in whose house we're staying) sells local souveniers at the centre of Rab, so every night we stop by his shop for a chat :)
He always gives us advices where is the best restaurant, or the best ice- cream! :)


I have a naturally wavy hair, so it can get really tangled up when I'm at the beach and swimming in the sea...I always use specific hair care products that help a lot, but it does take quite a bit of time & effort to style it straight & nice for an evening out!

So here are a few pics of my styling ;)

The four bell towers in the very centre of the Rab town.

My entire outfit is from H&M,
except for the statement piece of jewellery- bracelet on my right arm: I bought it in Italy, in a random jewellery store.
White watch is by Fossil.

I hope you like it!

xx Sonja

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