Monday 17 October 2011

Avon Extra Lasting Make Up Review (Requested!)

Hello my dear make up lovers!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy, I had to work yesterday too, but the good news is I'm going to have all the upcoming Sundays off, until November!
It's significantly more chilly in Italy these days, but it is still sunny and at the midday, when the sun is at its strongest, one can actually enjoy being outdoors!
Now as I'm writing these lines, it's past 16 p.m. and the sun is already weakening so I do need an extra layer to keep me warm!
I did sleep until late today, I just needed a long sleep after my busy Sunday, but later on I am planning on doing a switch in my closet- I still have my summer clothes hanging- it's like I refuse to face the fact that the cold is coming (actually, it's already here!)...but I can't delay this anymore, as now I find myself sitting in my hubby's clothes to keep me warm :)
I definitely have to say "bye, bye" to my summer clothes for this year, and as hard as this is going to be, I'm doing this today!

Anyway, isn't this blog post supposed to be "Avon Extra Lasting Make Up Review"?

So, let's get to it!

Recently I picked up some of the products from the Avon's rather new make up line, called "Extra Lasting". It launched a few moths ago in Croatia (this summer, actually!)
I did my Pretty Little Liars Make Up Tutorial: Aria using almost exclusively Avon products (with some exceptions here & there...).
Some of the Avon products that I used were from the "Extra Lasting" collection.
On my formspring account somebody asked me to do a review on this products, so I did put this on my "To Do" list...and the review is ALREADY UP ON MY EIPYSGUDPS BEAUTY & STYLE CHANNEL (just click on the link to watch it!)

These are the products that I used & reviewed in my latest video- review:

Avon Extra Lasting lip gloss in Perpetual Pink
Avon Extra Lasting lipstick in Totally Twig
Avon Extra Lasting mascara in black
Avon Extra Lasting Liquid eye liner pen in black
Avon Extra Lasting eyeshadow in Blue Wave
Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation in Ivory
Avon Extra Lasting Make Up Remover

My Avon Extra Lasting Make Up Collection


Long lasting shine

 The swatch- Avon Extra Lasting lip gloss in Perpetual pink
I give this product a "thumbs up".
 I like it!
 It isn't sticky, doesn't taste funky. 
The colour is pretty, shiny, it feels moisturizing. 
The colour matches to the perfection the "Totally Twig" lipstick from the same collection. 
When combined together, the result is even better and more long lasting.


Avon Extra Lasting lipstick in Totally Twig
Thumbs up for this product!
The colour pay off is wonderful, it isn't drying at all, it is long lasting, but not AS long lasting as certain lipsticks can be (usually long lasting lipsticks can be also very drying, so I'm trying to avoid them, but with this lipstick, this isn't the case!).
This lipstick will come off after drinking or eating, but other than that it will last long without you having to constantly reapply it!
It goes really well in a combo with a "Perpetual Pink" lip gloss, which makes the colour more intense, more shiny and more long lasting!


Avon Extra Lasting mascara in black

Comparing the Extra Lasting mascara to Avon's Uplifting mascara

I won't give this product a "thumbs down", but I'll explain now why I personally don't like it:
I HATE waterproof/extra lasting mascaras! They're SO HARD TO REMOVE!!!
I never wear waterproof mascara for that reason, not even on a special occasions, nor in summertime.
So if you're looking for an extra lasting- almost waterproof mascara, this is actually a very good product!
The wand/applicator reminds me on Avon's Uplifting mascara.
As far as the effect on my eyelashes: it just doesn't do  anything special for me. I always combine two/three/even four, different mascaras for the best result. 
When I combine this mascara with my other mascaras, such as Diorshow Iconic, Lancome Hypnose Drama and L'oreal Voluminous, it works well and the result is perfect.
Alone it doesn't do much for me.
These are all the reasons why I wouldn't repurchase this mascara, actually I even gave this one that I had, to my Mum! (She needed a new mascara, and she doesn't have such a high expectations from her mascaras! hihi)


Avon Extra Lasting Liquid eye liner pen: swatches!

Thumbs up!
I LOVE this product!
The application is so easy, the line is so precise, you don't have to be an expert or have an extra steady  arm to pull this off! :)
The colour is intense and a very long lasting!
What more could you wish for from your eye liner? ;)
This is my favourite product from the entire Extra Lasting collection and I highly recommend it!


Avon Extra Lasting eyeshadow in blue wave.

Avon Extra Lasting make up remover.
Now gone!
Will I be repurchasing it? ;)
Ok girls, I have to be honest here: THUMBS DOWN for the eyeshadow!
Just skip this product, you're much better off without it in your collection!
I'm sorry to say so, because I really like the Avon eyeshadow palettes, like the 8 in 1 neautral tones... but this eyeshadow here has let me down.
The colour pay off is just poor, it's very hard to work with it, almost impossible to smudge, or to blend...and as I've said, a very, very hard to apply in a first place!
If you're already stuck with it and don't know what to do, I suggest using it as an eyeshadow base, it will intensify the colour of the eyeshadows that you'll put on top...

MAKE UP REMOVER is actually quite good! I took it on my holidays because it was just very practical to carry it around in my beauty case, it didn't occupy much space...
It does remove make up very effectively and it won't irritate your sensitive eyes or skin.
It works really well in removing the products from the Avon's Extra Lasting collection, even that mascara that I was telling you about...
So if you're about to get some of the make up products from the Extra Lasting collection, I recommend to add to your order this make up remover as well, as it will make your life much easier- at least when talking about night skin care routine & make up removal! :)


Avon Extra Lasting liquid foundation in Ivory: Swatches

I do like this product, I would recommend it for an occasions such as going out at night, or long day at work.
Before purchasing your liquid foundation, I'd advise you to ask your Avon rep. for a colour samples, as a colour chart may not be so realistic, when looking at it from a catalogue or a website!
In Avon, I find myself the best in a shade "Ivory", even though it's even slightly too light for me, so I need to "work on my tan" with adding a blush and a matte bronzer on top.
Or.. I should mix "nude" and "ivory" for the best result..."nude" on its own is just too weird of a shade for my skin tone- it's definitely not flattering!
This liquid foundation comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump.
I find that it would be easier to get the product out if it was placed in just a simple plastic container, or a glass jar with a lid (such as maybelline mousse foundation).
Oh well, we can't always have everything.... 
Overall, I do recommend it.

So those were all the products that I wanted to review, I hope you find this helpful :)

Have a lovely day & Kisss from Italy ♥
Ciao, Ciao!


  1. It's sooo cold here! they finally turned the heat on yesterday though!

    I never wear waterproof mascara either, because it takes way too much effort to get off.

    I've never used Avon cosmetics, but this makes me curious to see what they're like.


  2. Great review! The EXTRA LASTING LIP GLOSS in Perpetual Pink looks interesting :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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