Wednesday 12 October 2011

How to Style Leather Shorts ♫ Edgy/Girly/Trendy/Chic ♫

Hello girls!

The sun & the warm weather is back to Italy...yeay!
We aren't ready for the cold just yet!

Today I'm going out & about with my friend Chiara...she's looking for a second job, so I'm going to help her distribute her cv & then we're going to hit the mall together ;)
However, I don't have any big shopping plans!
...Just to see what's new in stores...

Before I go, I'd like to update my blog with a couple of pics of mine...this is how I like wearing my new faux leather shorts:

As you can read from this blog post' title, I was going for a girly-edgy-trendy-chic-rocker-military feel.
The thing with leather shorts, if you don't style them carefully, you can easily appear "cheap/trashy" and sooo not appropriate for everyday look!
My idea was to style them in a way to be able to even do a grocery shopping wearing my faux leather shorts!

I paired them with:
- Military green linen vest: H&M
- Oversized grey top w/sparkly details: Matthew Williamson
- Black ballet flats: Flyfor
- Sunnies: H&M
- Black cuff: H&M (men's dept.)
- Bag: Bought in Italy, Trieste, a while ago
- Skull scarf: Vanity accessories store
- Cute rhinestone panda ring Click here to buy the same ring!
- Chanel logo earrings: a "souvenier" from London
- Black watch: Avon jewellery

My faux leather shorts are from Tally Weijl fashion store.
Tally Weijl on-line

You can check out my video, where I'm giving more little tips on how to style the leather shorts

Leather shorts are a really trendy clothing item this Fall 2011. season, so I'll make sure to do more styling ideas with them ;)
Do you have a pair of (faux) leather shorts & if you do, how do you like to style them?
I'm also looking to buy a faux leather high waisted skirt, I saw the one that I like at Stradivarius store, so I might just go back & get it! ;)

Thanx for reading!
Ciao, ciao, belle ragazze! ♥
xx Sonja

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