Wednesday 2 May 2012

Fashion Haul in Italy & Croatia ♥♥

My newest fashion haul video... now uploaded on my style diary channel, MissFashionKitty (youtube username).
In this video I'm showing you all the goodies that I picked up during my recent trip to Croatia, and some things that I got here in Italy, over the past couple of months...

Hopefully this will inspire you if you're just about to hit the stores yourself, and renew your Spring/ Summer wardrobe!
Most of the things featured in this vid are available in stores now, and are ideal for this period of time!

Don't miss out on my fashion haul video, click here to watch:

In croatia, I went to New Yorker, local market, D&G own closet!!...and picked up some exciting things that I already enjoy wearing!

In Italy, H&M was my main "target", but I also went to Promod and Zara (and I'm absolutely in ♥ with their new collection!).

Which of these items that I picked up, do you like the best?

...a few pics that I took while filming my fashion haul vid...

My cropped denim jacket is from New Yorker (& it's also featured in this haul): I consider it a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e !!

My sequin top is "rediscovered" from my croatian closet, I bought it in 2005. at Pdsa second- hand shop in London, UK (While I was living & working there!)

I love this sequin top, it's very sparkly & pretty!
It is a bit short, so I'm wearing a longer basic top underneath it (I find it that a basic top in brown, compliments it well!)

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Kiss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

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