Wednesday 16 May 2012

Spring Fashion Haul: H&M, Zara, Promod

Hello my crazyyy fashionistas!

I have another exciting fashion haul to share with you! :)
I went to some of my favourite fashion stores: H&M, Zara, Promod...and fell in love with their spring collection!

I would have bought everything, lol, but I limited myself (...ehm, budget limited ME!), to only a few pieces that I liked the best.

These are all the things that I'm going to love wearing this Spring / Summer!

Here is my Spring Haul, in a video:

& my haul in pics:

I instantly fell in love with this top from Bershka!
It has got a cross print top, skulls and hearts covered in metal studs!
Super trendy!
I think the price was 12.95€ and this top also comes in a black version.
& the back detail is so sexy (you'll be able to see it in one of the bellow pics...)

Now, this is the third week in a row that I'm doing my toning excercises four days in a week (the other 3 days I'm working & as I'm always moving, that must count as excercising too!)
I'm really proud of myself and very satisfied as I'm slowly starting to see results.
That keeps me motivated to continue with leading an active life & starting my days with excercising :)
So far, I'm only doing 35- 50 min. a day, but it already makes such a big difference in how I feel afterwards :)

I even feel that my destroyed skinny jeans from H&M fit me better ;)

My new H&M ring & colorful bracelets!

Sexy, cut-out back detail on my cross print top.
Underneath the top I'm wearing a basic black bandeau top (also from Bershka),
because I don't like my bra to show through, I think it's kind of tacky!

Peter Pan Collar covered in rhinestones, on a simple, nude color T-shirt!
Who could resist?
It costs 14.95€ and also comes in black T/nude collar w.rhinestones version.
I just liked this colorful version better :)

Sparkly Peter Pan Collar

Cuuute! ;)

Other Spring/ Summer accessories from H&M:
white/gold cocktail ring, leopard print scarf (with orange leo dots!!), and colorful bracelets, ideal for a stacked bracelet trend!
These accessories range from 4.95€ to 6.95€
H&M accessories are ultra trendy & affordable!

Another great place for trendy & interesting jewellery
is definitely Promod.

My picks at Promod:
Cute mirror necklace &
turquoise stone/ long silver chain necklace.

Turquoise jewellery is IN style this season!

In love with Zara's new collection!

Nude/black/orange high heels sandals!
Suede-like material.
Finally I managed to find a size 40 at Zara!!! Every time I want to buy a pair of shoes at Zara, they don't have it in my size!
Why is that so???
This time I had better luck!
These shoes are so pretty, will go great with many things (because of the colours), will be very flattering (because of the high heels), but they're still quite comfy & easy to walk around in! :)
Price: 39.95€ (which is actually not that bad for a pair of Zara's shoes. Their footwear can be quite pricey actually!)
These also come in a total black, and black/green/blue version...maybe even another one?

Crochet shorts are this season's must!
These are my motivation to keep up with my toning excercises, lol!
I got them in nude, but they were also available in black, white and powdery rose (also gorgeous!).
Size: S (they do have a zipper at one side and an elasticated waistband)
Price: 29.95€

So girlies, this was my newest haul!
I hope you all enjoyed & got inspired :)

If you're a shopaholic like myself, my word of advice is to leave all your credit cards at home and bring only the cash- give yourself a budget...the spring/ summer collection is too tempting and you don't want to go bankrupt because of the latest trends in fashion!
Remember, you can always transform the clothes you already have in your wardrobe into a super trendy pieces, by updating them with a new pieces of accessories, or with one must-have item of the season!

Kisss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja


  1. Awesome finds :) I abseloutely love those Zara shoes, and the lace shorts. Amazing. And I like your tip about leaving credit cards at home, such a good idea!


    1. I actually don't even have a credit card, but I leave at home even my ATM card! I limit myself to carry only the cash, the amount I think is enough for that day! That's how I simply CAN'T go bankrupt, lol! In the past, it always turned out my bank account was suffering seriously from my shopping addiction, so I had to introduce some serious rules to get "back on track". And they're working! Sometimes it's hard, but it's for the best, lol :)

  2. Your post is quite relevant to what I am looking up these days. Thank you for sharing and greetings from Mettlle.
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  3. I checked out your blog, you're very trendy :) Love, love, love some of your styling ideas :)
    Thanx so much for stopping by and commenting! We could follow eachother, yes, why not?

  4. OMG Im inlove with that Berksha tops! Itried to find it online but couldnt, can you please tell me how can I get this sick sick tops? thanks so much! ill be back! xoxo

  5. Good


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