Thursday 2 August 2012

Celebrity Style Inspired Trend: Alexander Wang Leather & Denim Jacket

Hello girls!

I'm sorry I was a bit MIA for the past couple of days!
I'm in Croatia on a family matter and have been really busy and tired...and a bit ill...I caught some kind of a cold, in the middle of this boiling hot weather! 

Today I have a couple of minutes to spare, so I'd like to update you on one of my new videos; you can check it out here:

I'm talking about one of the newest, hottest trends, inspired by celebs ...

Denim & leather combo!
I really like this Alexander Wang jacket, and I was really excited when I found a much cheaper version at Zara (TRF).

Here is how it looks like & how I styled it for my video (but, this clothing item can be styled in ANY way basically!!!):

Today's outfit:

Denim & leather jacket: Zara TRF
Top: H&M
Floral jeans: H&M (L.O.G.G.)
Rose gold belt: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Fossil "Stella" in rose gold

I hope you like it!
Will you be purchasing something leather & denim for the Fall season?

Thanx for stopping by,
Kisss from Croatia,
xoxo Sonja

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