Thursday 23 August 2012

Weekend Getaway Outfit: Crochet Shorts by the Lakehouse in Italy

Hi guys!

I did a quick, little OOTD video, back when I was on a weekend getaway with my hubby, in our lake house in the italian hills ♥

We were getting ready to go to a family gathering/ party, at my hubby's cousin!
I got all dressed up, and then, suddenly, it started raining, so my hair was messed up badly, ughhh, all frizzy & tangled up! :(

But, never mind my hair, it's the outfit we're talking about here! So, I decided to post the pics anyway :)

I was wearing my crochet shorts (♥) from Zara, paired with my skull print top, chanel style blazer, and spiked sandals, all from Zara!
My bag & sunnies were from H&M :)

Outfit for a family gathering

I have been wearing these crochet shorts SO MUCH this summer!
And I noticed, I have SO MANY skull print tops in my wardrobe, lol!
I guess those were my most worn things this summer...

I'm pretty sure I did some vlogging when I was at our weekend getaway, so I need to find these footages on my laptop and start editing!!!
I'll make sure to post it, together with some other fun pics that I've taken during our stay at our lakehouse.

When we arrived there, it was soo hot, but then, by the end of the weekend, it got a bit windy, chilly and it started raining!
The weather changed so quickly, I wasn't prepared for this, so I remember coming back home with a bit of a cold! ughhh

Make sure to check out my short, but fun, OOTD vid, feat. this outfit, here:

I'll talk to you soon!

xoxo Sonja

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