Wednesday 19 September 2012

$20 Makeup Challenge Tutorial

Hello girls!

I wanted to prove to the world that we can all look pretty on a budget, and that there is no need to spend millions to actually look like a million $  (!!!)

So I took this challenge and create a makeup look, using very inexpensive products, the cheapest ones that I could have found!
Surprisingly, some of them worked so well, that I'm planning on repurchasing, once I run out of them!
And then, some of these products I was already using as a part of my everyday routine, and I really wanted to share them with you, exactly because they're so cheap, yet work so well!

I had only $20 budget, which isn't a lot for creating a full face, complete makeup, and my biggest concern were the brushes...
I believe that a good quality brushes are a key to creating a nice makeup, and brushes can be quite expensive, as they're like your basic tools, sort of as an investment...

I've had a good experience with ecotools brushes, so I've decided to use 2 brushes from my ecotools collection (I couldn't use all of the brushes from the collection, because that would mean going over $20 budget, as at the ecotools brush kit retails at cca $9.
Spending $9 on brushes, would leave me with a very tiny budget for the rest of the makeup!)
That's why I've chosen to use only the powder brush and the blush brush by ecotools, while for the eyeshadow look, I've decided to work with my fingers & a Q-tip! (a very inexpensive, yet always efficient tools!) ;)

To see the look that I've created for $20, watch my step-by-step tutorial, here:

As I've mentioned in the video, I didn't just go out and buy all the new products for this tutorial!
That would have been a bit controversial, giving the fact that we're trying to save the money here, and be on a budget!
As I already had quite a few inexpensive makeup products in my collection, I've decided to use them for my tutorial.
I only purchased a foundation and an anti-blemish concealer.
I purchased the foundation because, let's face it, if I were to use the one that I'm using on a daily basis, my complete $20 makeup look would consist of having only a foundation on my face, LOL (!!!)
And, I bought a new anti-blemish concealer, not only because it was cheap, but also because I was running out of the one that I'm currently using, and as I have tried this cheap one in the past and was very satisfied, this tutorial was the perfect exceuse to go out & repurchase it!

So, here are the products that I've used:

Beauty on a budget
products that I love & recommend!

My favourite cheap makeup brands are:
- essence
- catrice
- miss cop
- ecotools (for the brushes!)
- kiko make up milano
- alverde
I'm really happy with how the complete look turned out,
and I'll keep using some of this products on a daily basis! 
My biggest positive surprise was essence Pure Skin mousse foundation, that I bought for an incredible price of only 1.19€ and that it turned out to be awesome product, something that I'd definitely want to use regularly and even repurchase!

Here is the complete list of the products used to create this look:

- ecotools powder brush
- ecotools blush brush
- Q-tip
- essence pure skin mousse foundation #01 beige
- essence pure skin 2in1 anti- spot coverstick pen #02 sand
- kiko make up milano 3d lifting concealer #01 light
- catrice multi colour blush #040 pacific beauty
- alverde augen- brauengel (eyebrow gel- mascara)
- essence smokey eyes pencil
- kiko makeup milano 30days extension daily treatment mascara
- miss cop eyeshadow mono creamy pearl
- catrice defining duo blush #010 raspberry ice cream
- essence fix&matte translucent loose powder
- essence lipstick #01 frosted
- essence xxxl nudes lipgloss #02 light candy

I hope this tutorial was interesting & inspiring!
If you want to accept this challenge and make a video tutorial on the look you've created for $20, leave it to me as a video response! I'd love to see it and maybe get some new ideas on how to look beautiful on a budget! :)

Sending you tons of love from Italy,
have a beautiful day xoxoxoxoxo

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