Monday 3 September 2012

Holiday Outfit Vlog # 4. Sparkly Fedora & My Seashell Anklet

Hi lovelies!

Here we go, another outfit post, and loads of pics, to keep up with my OOTD videos that I'm uploading (daily!!) on my youtube channel.

This is my Holiday Outfit Vlog # 4, so let's see what was I wearing for the beach, on the 4th day of my summer vacations at the island of Rab:

At the town's centre, just before heading to the beach.

Hubby in a funny pose ;)

At the beach of Suha Punta

My bikini is from H&M
(summer 2011. collection)

The dress that I wore today for the beach is from H&M

After the relaxing afternoon spent at the beach of Suha Punta, Rab, we went home to have a dinner and then got ready for the evening out at the town's centre.
Again, I couldn't film my outfit of the night, because the lighting was just baddd and not flattering at all, but we made sure to take pics of it for my blog!

As you can see, both daily look & the night out look were pretty sparkly! :)


Dress: H&M
Belt: H&M
Flip flops: H&M
Fedora: Promod
Beach bag: Juicy Couture
Bikini: H&M


Top: Phillipe Matignon @Golden Point
Sequin skirt: Bershka
Sequin clutch: Accessorize
Belt: Vintage (granny's)
Jacket: Zara TRF (leather & denim trend, new in stores!)
Sandals: Clevanto, bought in Italy
Rose gold watch: Fossil

I hope you liked this post!
More outfit pics from the beautiful island of Rab coming soon :)

Looove you all ♥♥
Sonja xx

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