Monday 22 April 2013

Sleek Oh So Special Palette Review & Tutorial(s)!

Hello beauties!

I'm a big make up junkie, even though I already have so many eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes in my collection, somehow I always find myself buying a new one, the "must-have" one!

This addiction has got to stop, otherwise a lifetime won't be enough for me to use up all this make up!

That's why I went through the items that I already have for a while in my collection, the "forgotten treasures", and I re-discovered the Sleek palettes :)
I had forgotten how much I love them!

I have 3 eyeshadow palettes from Sleek, the "Original", the "Storm", and the "Oh So Special" palette.

I love all three of them very, very much!
The "Original" and the "Storm" palettes are sort of a cult products and a must haves in every girl's make up collection :)

I have already done a review & tutorials using those two palettes, in case you've missed those, check them out here:

Natural Smoky Brown Eye With Sleek STORM Palette

(press the play button bellow to watch the video)

Review & Swatches: Sleek Divine "The Original" Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette

(press the play button bellow to watch the video)

The most recent palette in my collection of Sleek palettes is the "Oh So Special" palette. 
Even though I've had this one too for a while now, I just recently re-discovered it and started using it on a daily basis! 

I find this palette is a perfect mix between the "Storm" one and the "Original" one, because it has got some great mat, neutral, soft eyeshadows for every day looks, but it's also great to get the "evening out" looks, as there are darker eyeshadows too in this palette!

For all of you pink eyeshadow lovers, this is a must- have palette for you, because this palette has got the most gorgeous four pink-based eyeshadows! ("Organza", "Ribbon", "Pamper" and "Gateau" eyeshadows).

The Sleek palettes are very affordable (they cost less than 10€), and the palette contains 12 eyeshadows.
The colour pay off is amazing, the colours are nicely pigmented.
Some of the colours can be a bit powdery, so arm yourself with a large fan brush to wipe off any eyeshadow fall-outs!
With a good eyeshadow primer as a base, these colours will have an extremely long staying power!

I really love & recommend this palette!

I bought it in Italy, at my local Sephora beauty store.
Sleek is UK based brand, and you can find out more about it on their website!

In my video review I'm also offering you a two quick make up tutorials, so make sure to check it out for more ideas on what to do with your Sleek "Oh So Special" palette!

I really hope this review was helpful!

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Lots of love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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