Thursday 4 April 2013


Hello beauties!

Today I'm finally bringing you a highly requested make up comparison! I'll be reviewing & comparing my two palettes by Urban Decay, Naked and Naked 2.

I've had these palettes for quite some time now, I've featured them in many videos, such as monthly favourites & make up tutorilas, but I have never done a proper review on these palettes so far. The reason behind it was that I thought there are so many videos on youtube already, featuring the Naked palettes, that it really isn't necessary to make another one!

However, I got a few requests from my subbies to talk about these palettes because as some of you pointed out to me, you wish to hear my take on these palettes!

So here it is!

All you need to know about the Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 eyeshadow palettes, all the things you might want to consider before making up your mind which one of these palettes to get!

So I hope my review/comparison will come in handy, if you're just  now thinking about purchasing one of the palettes, but you're still unsure which one to get!

I bought both palettes at my local Sephora in Italy
(they retail at cca 40€ each, but I made sure to buy them when I had a 20% off coupon code!)

Naked VS Naked 2
So similar, yet so diverse!
Which one to get?
Both, if you're a true make up lover ;)

Make sure to check out my review/comparison video for more details on both palettes!

These palettes are probably the world's best- selling eyeshadow palettes, and they're definitely the most talked about palettes, among youtubers & beauty bloggers!

They each contain 12 beautiful eyeshadows, suitable for every day look, but also darker colours for more elaborated, smoky eye, evening looks!
They're ideal palettes to have even when you're on the go & travelling, because you really don't need to bring any other eyeshadow, when you have one of these palettes in your make up bag travel kit!
Naked (the original) palette is more warm toned...
Here are the swatches of all 12 eyeshadows.
There are only 2 matte colours here: Naked and Buck

Naked 2 is more cool toned.
There are actually 3 matte colours here: Foxy, Tease and Blackout.

There is only one eyeshadow colour, both of these palettes have in common: the "Half Baked" eyeshadow (which is gorgeous, btw. so  you definitely can't have enough of it!)

Naked (the original)

- 12 eyeshadows, 2 mattes
- Mostly warm toned colours
- Outer packaging is velvety, but it gets dirty easily, not that appealing
- Great palette for both daily looks, as well as the more elaborated looks for a special occasions.

Naked 2

- 12 eyeshadows, 3 mattes
- Mostly cool toned colours
- Outer packaging is made very well, very sleek & posh
Great palette for both daily looks, as well as the more elaborated looks for a special occasions.

My verdict:

I'm still having a hard time deciding which one I like better!
I might be leaning slightly toward the Naked 2, but I'm not sure!
One thing I'm sure though: I didn't regret purchasing both of these palettes :)
If you're a make up lover & wear make up on a daily basis, if you like your neutrals, but on an occasion wear a bold smoky eye, my advice is to get both of these palettes, to play with!
If for a financial reasons, or other, you aim to get only one, then go to your local beauty store where they sell Naked palettes, swatch them on your skin to see which colours work better for you, and then make up your mind!
I'm sure that, whichever palette you choose, you won't be disappointed! :)

This is pretty much all I wanted to say about the Naked palettes!
If you have any other questions on the subject, make sure to leave me your comment and I'll be happy to answer back to you!

Do you already have the Naked palettes? 
Which one is your favourite out of these two?

At last, I'd like to make a very special shoutout to one sweet friend of mine, and a fellow beauty blogger, who requested me to do this video/blog post!
Hola querida Heidi! ♥
Check out Heidi's channel here! 
Heidi's beauty blog ♥

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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