Thursday 14 November 2013

Empties # 10 (Products I've Used Up & Mini Reviews!)

Hi beauties!

Today I have a new "Empties" video & blog post prepared for you!
I have accumulated a whole bunch of empty containers, and was refusing to throw them away, before first making this video/ post & sharing my opinions on these products with you :)

My hubby was looking at me quite puzzled, trying to figure out since when do I collect rubbish (what do I need all these empty containers for?!)...
He just doesn't seem to realize the importance of "Empties" videos & sharing them with the beauty community, lol! ...

You can check out my "Empties" video & find out which of these products would I recommend you to try:

I think he was quite relieved when I finally threw out 15 empty containers (after having filmed this video for you guys!) O_O

Here are all the products I've used up recently (as you can tell, there is a lot of hair care stuff, as usual!)...

The products shown are the following:

- Ziaja Goat's milk body lotion
- Deborah "Corpo Nuovo" body lotion with self tanner
- I Provenzali "Bagno Schiuma Erboristico Al Karité" shower gel with Karité butter
- I Tesori d'Oriente shower gel
- Badedas antibacterial handwash
- Balea Shampoo
- Bourjois Mineral Beauty Deodorant
- Elmex mouthwash
- Curasept mouthwash
- L'Oreal Elnett Santin hairspray
- Aussie 3 min miracle deep conditioning treatment (x2)
- Keune Silver Reflex Shampoo
- Yves Rocher Pure Calmille cleansing milk
- Kerastase Cristalliste hair shampoo for long & fine hair
- Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference face cream

The "Must Try" products for this month are:

- Ziaja Goat's Milk body lotion
- Bourjois Mineral Beauty Deodorant
- Elmex mouthwash
- Curasept mouthwash
- L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray
- Aussie 3 min miracle deep conditioning treatment
- Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Cleansing Milk
- Kerastase Cristalliste hair shaampoo (choose the one suitable for your hair type, there is also a version for thick hair!)

Those are the products I'll certainly repurchase, actually, most of these products I already repurchased...several times...because I need them in my beauty routine! :)

Just yesterday I repurchased my trusty Kerastase Cristalliste hair shampoo! ♥♥

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations!

Let me know which products have you used up recently and did you enjoy anything in particular, that you'd like to share as a recommendation?

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Kiss from Italy,


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