Thursday 14 November 2013

Schoolgirl Style OOTD: Tartan Mini Skirt ♥ Fall Fashion Trend

Hello lovelies!

I have another OOTD video/ post for you :)

This is the outfit I wore at work past weekend, and all my colleagues loved, they thought it's so cute!

The styling is all around my tartan mini skirt, and this mini skirt is a really old piece in my closet! 
I'm so glad I didn't throw it away all these years, because this season it's finally back on trend!

I paired it with my (again, very old!) Sisley riding boots, and a pair of warm tights.

Those boots went through a lot with me (I wore them almost every single day, when I was living in London in 2004./'05.), yet they still seem to be in a perfect condition!

This cute doggy sweater is from a brand Brave Soul and I got it at Nico fashion store in Italy.
I've never heard about this brand before, but then, I looked at their catallogue to get familiar with them, and loved their pieces! Plus, they're pretty reasonably priced too!

I think this sweater is super cute and definitely adds up to the whole "schoolgirl style" look! ;)

My burgundy Hermes style bag is from Italian open market, from a couple of years ago (I still wear it a lot, every fall/winter!).
Denim shirt is from Stradivarius, and my watch is by a brand "Too Special", from Den stores in Italy.

I hope you like this styling!

Now, onto the "FOTD" part...

little joys of everyday life... ;)

I'm in ♥ with my Avon 8in1 eyeshadow palette in neutral tones, the colours are super pigmented & very long lasting!
It's a perfect palette for everyday, and it's pretty affordable too!
On my cheeks I wore Kiko blush in #101 Crystal Rose
On my lips I had a combo of 3 (!!!...yeah...I know, I can't help myself...) lip products:
Clinique Chubby Stick in Whole lotta honey
Benefit lipstick in Skinny Dip
Avon glazewear lipgloss in Mocha latte
On my nails, one of my favourite shades of nail polis for the Fall season: Layla Ceramic Effect nail polish ♥

Perfume of the day:
I felt like Versace Dreamer today ;)
This lovely perfume was a gift from my Mum ♥

If you guys want, I'll do a make up tutorial on this look!
Just let me know in the comments, or on my FACEBOOK page!
I hope you liked this quick OOTD/FOTD post!

Make sure to check out my styling video,CLICK HERE to watch!

Kiss from Italy,


  1. Welcome! btw super si,i snimaj što više na hrvatskom..mislim da si više posvećena engleskom kanalu :(

    1. Bok draga! Hvala na komentaru! Bas sam sad bila na tvom blogu i super je, bas ti je dobar ovaj post "My lazy day" :) Od sada cu pratiti tvoj blog i nadam se da ce postova biti sve vise i vise ;)
      Sto se mene tice, nije da sam posvecenija engleskim kanalima, vec sam njih otvorila puno prije nego hrvatski! Sto se hrvatskog tice, cilj mi je uploadati jedan novi video svaki tjedan! Nije uvijek lako, ali u zadnje vrijeme mi je krenulo :) Imas li i ti youtube kanal? Velika pusa xo


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