Monday 8 June 2015

Hair extensions and trying out different hairstyles!

Hi guys!

You know I often give you tips on hair extensions and recommend shops that sell great quality hair extensions for good prices. I get asked a lot a question about hair extensions and whether I wear them on a daily basis...Just to clear things out, I don't wear hair extensions on a daily basis. My hair is naturally quite long, so I don't need hair extensions to make it longer, but I do like to use them every now and then, to add volume to my hair.
When my hair is super voluminous, I find that I can be more creative with different hairstyles, especially side braids and eye catching fishtails. Those are my favourite summer hair styles and everybody always compliments my hair when I wear it like that!

As I'm a beauty/ fashion blogger, trying out new styles is something of my interest, so over the past years, I got two sets of hair extensions. Sometimes I'll use them for a special events I might have, or just when I want to look extra glam for filming a video, or have fun filming a hair tutorial!

In my today's post I'd like to present you an on-line web store specialized in hair extensions,

Clip in hair extensions are my favourite, because you can easily put them in, and take them off, you can add as much hair as you want to/need, and this type of hair extensions won't damage your hair. As a matter of fact, when I wear them, I can hardly even feel them on my head. They blend in so well with my natural hair, sometimes I even forget a strand or two, when I'm taking them out! :-)

Hair weave is a great option for whoever wants to have a more permanent solution, whoever likes to wear hair extensions on a daily basis.

On cchairextensions website, you can find many tips & tutorials on how to choose the right hair extensions type for your hair needs, and tips on how to properly take care of your hair extensions! Popular youtubbers share their tutorials and reviews on cc hair extensions, and it's all done in the purpose of making the whole process of picking out the right hair extensions type and colour, easier for the customer!

I hope this post helped to some of you who are in the market for a good quality set of hair extensions! Any questions? Ask them bellow! :-)

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  1. great website!

  2. Interesting site:) kiss

  3. Super post, these extensions are great :)

    Brina xoxo,

  4. Nunca las he probado!

  5. I love them!!!!xoxo


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