Friday 4 August 2017

In love with my new Konifer watch!

Hi guys! I'm sorry, I know I was a little bit absent, but Mum's life was quite busy these past few days! Anyway, I have a few exciting "new in" posts coming up, so stay tuned :-)
I recently got this wooden watch by Konifer brand, and it arrived all the way from Canada (very quickly, I must add!)
You guys know me, I love the whole "wooden watch" concept, so I was super pleased to get this dainty and feminine, and quite special watch! Just look at the combination of woods on this one (the model is "Bonzai Army"). This watch is a striking blend of smoky blacks and warm greens, and it's entirely handcrafted in pure ebony and green sandalwood. This is definitely an eye catching and beautiful combination. This watch is also sleeker than some other Konifer's models, but that's exactly what makes it super feminine and gracious!

Some of Bonzai's top characteristics:

  • Entirely handmade using eco-friendly methods
  • Allergy-sensitive, non-toxic satin oil finish
  • Genuine Swarovski crystal details
  • Ultra-light weight (just 40 grams)
  • Adjustable, two-tone band fits every size of wrist
  • Full five-year warranty

I'd also like to mention that Konifer brand cares about our environment; in fact with every watch sold, they oblige to plant 1 tree with Weforest!

Free worldwide shipping is also an added bonus, right? :-)

On their blog section you can find a video tutorial on how to easily adjust your wooden watch, as it may be too large for your wrist when receiving it, so make sure to check out their DIY tutorials! :-)

I think this watch is also the perfect accessorie: I'm packing my suitcase for my summer vacations, and this time I want to travel light and not overpack my suitcase with too many accessories; I believe this wooden watch will complete and complement a lot of my summer outfits!

If you decide to take a look at Konifer's offer, let me know which model of watch do you like best?
Konifer also offers very cool men's watches, wooden rings and wooden belts, which could be great gift ideas for your boyfriend, hubby, friend, brother, or any other significant male in your life! :-)


  1. Amazing watch dear! Have a great weekend!! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. bardzo ładnie wygląda :O


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