Wednesday 23 August 2017

Jeulia engagement rings for women online sale

Hi guys!

A month ago, my hubby & I celebrated our 10 years wedding anniversary! That's a big deal, right? ;-)
I didn't blog much about it, I just made a short announcement on facebook, but we spent that day and the following weekend honouring and celebrating our love, even more so now that we're a family of 3 (actually 4, if you count our little doggy, she's a part of the family too, right?)

This recent event in my life inspired me to blog about some precious jewellery gift ideas, that are appropriate to give to your loved ones in such occasions, as a sign of love and devotion.

Jeulia is an on-line jewellery store that offers a vast selection of beautiful jewellery for all occasions, and now also offers a possibility to personalize your jewellery and make a statement with these cool designs.
You can also browse through their "Gift Ideas" section in order to get inspired, but if you're looking for engagement rings for women, this is the right place to be!

Emerald cut engagement rings are very popular among young couples, and here are some of the prettiest pieces:

This lovely heart cut created white sapphire ring is the star of vintage inspired engagement rings. Very delicate and sparkly, it has its own special love story to tell!

Next popular engagement ring is this three tone design, it features a trio of shimmering round created white sapphire set, intertwined. This model is perfect fo all women who love modern jewellery that makes a statement.

For every girl who loves classic and simple, dainty pieces, this design is the way to go! Solitaire engagement rings are timeless and never go out of style.

I really hope that I gave you a few good inspo/ ideas as to what to get to your loved one. On Jeulia website you'll find many other styles and models, so take a look!
May your special day be as memorable as mine was :-)

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  1. Great looking designs indeed. Hope you are well, greetings to you and nice week!

  2. Beautiful engagement rings, have a good day


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