Friday 29 December 2017

Currently On My Shopping List

Hello beauties!

As you already know, if you read my blog, I decided to spend 2017 buying as less as possible and consuming the products I already have without purchasing new ones, if they aren't necessary.
I can say, I did pretty good! I managed to use up a whole bunch of products (empties of 2017 post coming soon) and now I sat down to put together a shopping list of the products I need / want to purchase in the near future.
This will be my guideline and will help me stay on track and not overspend on products I don't really need!
So in this post I'll share with you my current shopping list (from which, at this point, I got 2 products).

Both cleansers have great reviews on Caudalie's website, so I'm looking forward to trying them out. I ran out of face /makeup cleansers, so these were at the top of my list.
They're currently on their way to me as I ordered them online through Caudalie's website (better prices, great customer service and fidelity reward program!).
Next items are on my current wishlist and I'm hoping to buy them in January and the first months of 2018.

I love my Clarisonic and I've been using it in my skincare routine religiously for a couple of years now. However, I'm ashamed to admit that I've had my brush head for way too long! I actually replaced it only once (they recommend replacing it every three months, ugh! I better not say for how long I've had mine then!). 

I'm waiting to use up the conditioner I currently have before purchasing this mask. I have a feeling my hair is gonna love it!

I love face oils and I've heard great things about REN but never had a chance to try it out. When I'll be running low on my usual skin care products, this product is definitely going to go in my shopping basket.
These few items I'd like to get from Feelunique as I've already had a great shopping experience at that online store. They have great selection of brands, easy to find what you need, good prices, fast delivery, great customer service. They often have promo codes & deals if you subscribe to their newsletter!

The one and only, they say, but I've never had a chance to try it out (yet!)
I'd like to order it through Kiehl's Italy web store, as the price is a bit better than on some other web stores, plus they have free shipping in Italy.

This next item isn't fashion or beauty related, but as it's on my shopping list, I thought I'd show it to you anyway! I love to write in notebooks and planners and Paperblanks is my planner of choice! Their quality is amazing and the prints too! In the previous years I've had the one with the cats and then, butterfly print and for 2018, I'd love to write down all my plans, projects and ideas into this lovely agenda: this lovely print is by Mila Marquis.

These are the items currently on my shopping list! Did I say I wanted to buy them in the first months of 2018.? They all cost quite a bit!

Does anyone want to be my "Secret Santa"? LOL

Anyway, I hope this inspired you. My motto from now on is to buy less and spend on quality items that I really need and will enjoy using! I don't need to clutter my life with a bunch of stuff I won't even be using.

I'm thinking of doing another list for January/ February sales, only carefully selected items, to prevent me from going crazy during the "irresistible" sales period!

What's currently on your shopping list?

xo from Italy,

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