Monday 8 January 2018

January wishlist: Zaful

Hi guys!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season with your family and loved ones!

It's the time for new beginnings and we have a chance to stick to all those resolutions we made for the year that's ahead of us!
My resolution is to be smart when it comes to shopping and buy only things I really love!
Sales are currently going on, but prior to purchasing anything, I want to make a wish list for myself, to help me keep focused on what I really want and need.
In a month's time, I'll have to reorganize my entire wardrobe, as we bought new closets for our bedroom, and I want to keep only the things that I actually wear. Maybe I'll be adding some new bits for this winter, and here I usually turn to Zaful.
As we're in winter, the days are cold and I'm thinking about warming up. This means that I'm on a lookout for warm wool sweaters and winter jackets and coats.

I like to browse through Zaful's offer because it stocks so many things at one place, it is constantly updated with popular new arrivals and it follows the latest trends...everything at very affordable prices :-)

I have $50 budget to update my wardrobe, so let's see together what did I put on my wishlist!

This white cropped sweater with embroideries is only $ 15.99

This stripped colorful sweater is only $ 19.90

These high waisted leather look leggings are only $ 11.18
I need a pair of black leather look leggings because mine are old and worn out. I tried them on in a local store and the cost was around $50 which I thought was way too much! I'm glad I waited a bit because now I found a really nice pair here!

This cool graphic tee is $ 19.49
I love it because it's very unique and great for those casual days & layering with a chunky knit cardigan over it!

The total amounts for a bit over my initial budget, but I still think these are great buys!
Will you help me choose what to get?
Leave me your comments, which one of these items is a must in your opinion?

As a little surprise, I have a discount code for you!!! If you fancy ordering anything from Zaful, just enter ZFNancy at checkout &...happy shopping! ;-)

* this post was brought to you in collaboration with Zaful


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