Thursday 26 April 2018

How to Check Peruvian Virgin Hair Weave Quality Online?

How to Check Peruvian Virgin Hair Weave Quality Online?

There’s a funny trend on social media with memes that illustrate the unscrupulous activities of online vendors with two pictures side by side captioned, “what I ordered” versus “what I got”. As hilarious as these memes are, the true victims don’t find it funny. It is quite an awful feeling to spend money on an item you may never use because of its low quality, talk about when online shopping goes wrong. 
Despite all of this, many of us still love shopping online because of the seamless process from spotting an item you like, clicking on “buy now” and having it at your doorstep. Shopping made easy, that is. Online shopping is quite daring since you must take a leap of faith with your money, but when it all goes right, it is worth it. 

If shopping hair physically is so difficult due to the alarming number of fake hair, how difficult do you think it will be online? Very difficult! There are many hair grades and textures in online shops, and every vendor just says their product is the best since the world began. But of course, we can’t trust them. When purchasing Peruvian virgin hair online, it can be a bit tricky because other weaves can pass for Peruvian when you’re glaring into your computer screen. It’s not all doom and gloom though, shopping online shouldn’t be a total nightmare with these methods to check the quality of virgin hair weave before clicking the order button. 

Here we go:

●Watch or read customer review on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms to verify the authenticity of both the product and the site you intend to patronize.
●Payment security is also an important way to confirm originality. A lot of companies will likely take your payments without delivery. It is quite safer to patronize companies that offer payment on delivery options. If a website will only take one specified payment method, this is weird and should be suspicious. 

●Check the company information and certification. All this information can be found online. You only need to know how to use google and you are good to go.
●Always contact customer care before hitting the order button. Request to see some real videos of the said products. You could also ask them to fire a piece of hair, this could help you tell the real hair from the fake. It is very unlikely that any company would want to do this, but a girl has got to try, right? You need to know what you are paying for. 
●If you think the company is reliable and you are really feeling the urge to buy, order a sample to test the hair quality. If they are unwilling to send out a sample, this should be an indicator of fake products.
●Price goes a long way to determining quality because different price tags are slapped on different quality of products. High priced hair may not necessarily be high quality, but low priced hair is definitely low quality unless it is a promotion. However, if Peruvian hair weave is on promotion every day, then that should be a problem because hair vendors would also want to make some money.

* guest posting by Elfin hair


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