Friday 20 April 2018

Summer fashion for women: Currently on my wishlist!

Hello guys!

It's been a while since my last post (I was really busy with just everyday life & mommy things), but I'm back now! I've been posting regularly videos on my youtube channel, so you can check them out if you haven't yet.
It seems that spring is finally here! Actually, over the past few days it got so hot outside, it already feels like summer :-) Looks like we skipped spring alltogether and jumped from wearing warm coats and wool sweaters into short sleeves and tank tops!
Unfortunately, the part with the spring allergies we didn't skip! :-/ Ugh!

Anyway, I was browsing through the on-line stores offer, looking to get inspired for my summer wardrobe. I now have a big, new closet, and I need to fill it, haha! Actually, I'm just looking for a slight update of my already existing wardrobe, as I usually do with every new season.

So I came across BerryLook web store and I really liked their store's offer and affordable prices.
I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I already included on my shopping list for the new season :-)

I was looking at some Fashion Tops for Women and here are a few pieces that caught my attention:

This top is very cute, fashionable and feminine. It's great as a part of the office look, but it also goes great with jeans for more casual and relaxed style.

I also really like this romantic blouse! I love the ruffle detailing and the cut out shoulders details. It's very pretty and feminine. The soft pink colour makes it perfect for warm summer days.

I also looked through the sections of Women's T-shirts as I need a few nice models for everyday wear.
Here are the pieces that I found very appealing:

This one with a bold lipstick print is very cool! White tees are a must because they go perfectly with every style/ look/ outfit! 

Here is another super cool tee, this one with a star print! 
These last two pieces are more rocker, edgy style, whereas the first two are more delicate and girly.
I love all these pieces, and the prices are super affordable! With less than $40 budget, you're able to renew your summer wardrobe and bring some cool new looks into your existing style!

I hope you liked my new wishlist! Let me know which one of these items do you like best?
I'll talk to you soon :-)

xo from Italy.

* post in collaboration with BerryLook


  1. I love the post:)
    Have a nice day, dear!

  2. First and second T-shirt are amazing. :)
    Kisses from Poland! :*

  3. Molto carine, soprattutto la seconda. Buona serata.


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