Tuesday 4 September 2018

I'm back from my summer vacations, but summer isn't over just yet!

Hey guys,

The title says it all: I was MIA because I was away on my summer vacations.
We took a little family trip to Croatia. I thought I'd still manage to find time to squeeze in a post or two, but I was wrong! My little one requires even more attention as he grows and my days were full!
Anyhow, we managed to relax as a family and visit some cool places, which I'll tell you more about in my upcoming posts.

Luckily, the summer isn't over yet, so I can still share with you a quick fashion post about some of my favourite dresses of the season!
In summertime I love to wear dresses as they're so feminine and easy to wear!
Obviously, you can wear dresses all year round, so I already started looking for some cool new arrivals for the upcoming season :-)
Also, summer sales are ideal period to pick up a piece or two at affordable prices for the next year!

One of my favourite on line stores has nice design dresses and I absolutely love their spetember new fashion picks!

Depending on the occasion, you can choose from a variety of different models that they carry in stock! At first, I was looking at some simple, everyday appropriate dresses, but then I spotted this lovely little number! I just adore the powdery pink skirt teamed with embroided blouse top! It looks so elegant, classy and sophisticated! This is something I'd love to wear for the Fall, even for everyday if I dress it down with denim jacket and sneakers!
Obviosuly this is such an elegant piece, it's ideal for some kind of celebration, party...

Dresssure has got such a vast selection of women dresses as I've already mentioned, for any occasion, shape or size!

This high quality silk dress is another dress that I'm putting on my wish list! I love the quality of the material, as silk feels so great on skin! I'm also in love with these colors and print!
This is another beautiful dress that I'd wear all year round for many different occasions :-)

For this autumn, I'm looking to get some good bodycon dresses and this simple, yet so classy model really caught my attention!

This classic model will never go out of style and will be a staple in your wardrobe; it's definitely a piece that's worth investing in!

These are some of my favourite numbers and I hope this was inspiring to you too!
The great thing about the first two dresses is that you can actually wear them even in this transitional period of time, when it's still hot outside, but then if it gets a bit windy at night, you can easily throw in a layer or two to keep warm.
The third dress is something I'd like to add to my wardrobe for this new season, to freshen up my existing style for autumn/ winter!

Let me know have you already started thinking about renewing your wardrobe for the upcoming season?

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with Dresssure


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