Friday 14 September 2018

Mommy OOTD for the beach

Hey guys!

Since summer is still here, I decided to share with you this quick outfit post that I wore past month at the island of Rab, when I was vacationing there with my little family :-)

These days I don't get time to prepare myself to go out shooting for outfit posts, so I have to make the most out of the situations such as this one (we were going to the beach).

Gosh, please ignore how white I am! I'm just naturally very pale skin, and this summer I didn't even have time to put on a bit of self tanner...anyway, I already made a post in the past, about accepting your natural features and embracing what nature has given you, and the same applies for the colour of your skin!

This pretty floral dress I got this summer at summer sales at H&M, I really like the model, the print, and the fabric it's made of (it's really nice quality).
I also wanted to get this model in white, but they ran out of my size. As this fits quite large, I got it in XS.
My hat and sandals are also new and I got them for less than €5 at summer sales (sunglasses were € 3.99 at Zara, and hat is from H&M).
The sandals are very old (not kidding, I've had them for probably 12 years!) The reason why they are still in a perfect condition is because: 1. I haven't worn them every summer, and, 2. They're made of leather and made in Italy so the quality is unquestionable!

Life with a toddler is super dynamic and sometimes we're exhausted, but we all truly enjoyed our holiday! Our son had so much fun at the beach, exploring, sleeping, bathing in the sea! I already miss those sunny days at the island!

Here it is, my quick OOTD post for today! I finally managed to squeeze it in! My little boy just went to sleep, and my hubby is out for work, so before hitting the bed myself, I said I was going to finish this post! I'm quite tired though, and tomorrow I work, so I can't wait to get some rest (dear son, please sleep tight all through the night! lol!) #mommyblogger

I'll talk to you soon!


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