Thursday 10 January 2019

MISSLOOK Women's Long Sleeve Dress Review & OOTD

Hello beauties!
In my previous post I already explained why I wasn't very active on my blog & other social medias during the holiday season, but now I'm back to my regular routine and I wanted to show you a dress that I received just a few days before Christmas.
We spent Christmas in Italy at my in-laws, and the next day we travelled to Croatia!

We had a big Christmas lunch with my hubby's family, and chilled for the rest of the day (we'll take the word "chill" loosely, as with a little toddler running around, you can never actually "chill", lol!)
But kids are all the fun and the beauty of holidays, I believe!

I  wanted to share a quick OOTD, as I managed to take a few outfit photos (wearing my new dress from MissLook).

Wine red color is just perfect for the holidays and I actually enjoy wearing it throughout the whole fall and winter season. It's quite cold in Italy these days but I did some serious layering to keep myself warm!


Dress is from MissLook, leggings and faux fur vest are from H&M.

This double buckle belt is from ages ago and I found it at Zaful for just a few bucks and boots are my trusty Dr. Martens that I wear all the time!

I ordered this dress through MissLook's Amazon store and it comes in a variety of different colour options, but I went for the "wine red" version and I love it!
The price was $ 17.99 plus shipping, and I opted for a size M.
The shipping was surprisingly speedy (I got the package within one week!), and this dress is, let me tell you, the softest thing ever! I just adore wearing it as it feels so nice on the skin.
  • Material: 95% RAYON/5% SPANDEX. Stretchy, super soft and comfortable.
    This is a perfect "everyday" dress, and also, ideal as "maternity" (no, I'm not pregnant again!, just saying, I could really recommend it to all the pregnant ladies out there...)
    Last, but not least, a little thank you note from me, for reading my articles and sticking with me! I hope you all had the best holidays and that I keep making interesting content for you in the new 2019!

    From my family to yours, lots of love from Italy! 

* in collaboration with MissLook


  1. Super je haljinica i divno ti stoji!

  2. Izgledas predivno, martinke su jako poboljsali i onako fantasticni outfit. Svaka cast draga x)

    A free soul.

  3. It sounds like you had such a lovely Christmas! I am so glad. And that outfit is perfection. You always look so stunning!

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