Wednesday 30 January 2019

L'Oreal Preference Hair Color Review & Demo | Dark Natural Brown #4 Tahiti

Hello beauties!

As you probably already know, for over a year now, I've been coloring my hair at home and a few months ago I decided to go ombre. I've had the ombre look before, but it was always professionally done.
When touching up my roots at home with light blonde, they would either go towards yellow, or turn out very brassy, so I've decided to buy a darker shade, to create the ombre effect.
At first, I was using the natural cold blonde or dark ash blonde shades, some from drugstore brands, some were professional hair colors, but recently I decided to go even darker! This is the darkest I've been in a long time!

I've purchased the shade #4 Tahiti by L'Oreal Preference and it's a dark natural brown color. This certainly would not have nice results if I put it on my blonde lengths (I could end up with a green hair!!!) but on my brassy roots, it took a perfect tone! I absolutely loved it and it didn't have any unwanted red undertones, just a very natural brown shade.

This is the last box hair dye that I tried before my mommy makeover (two weeks ago) when I went back to blonde (professionally done at hair salon in Italy).

Even though my hair is different color now, I wanted to quickly review this one, as I think it might be interesting to some of you!

It covers all the grays nicely and it leaves your hair very soft and nicely scented (thanks to the conditioner that comes with the color, it's really amazing!)

The color is pretty long lasting and it seems pretty nourishing as well: In the kit you'll actually get a little oil capsule that you're supposed to mix with the color and developer; this is one extra step to help protect and nourish your hair, whilst coloring it and I think it really works!

So far, this is one of my favorite colors and coloring lines (I might try different, but similar shades, from the same L'Oreal Preference line).

I've had a similar hair color a couple of years ago and it was done by a hair salon, but, can you even tell the difference??

If you'd like to find out more about this hair color and see a little demo of how I color my hair at home, you can watch my chatty video review here:

Have you ever tried coloring your hair at home?
How did that work out for you? Share with me your experiences, below.

xo from Italy,

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