Tuesday 23 July 2019


Hello lovelies!

I recently purchased a new hair styling tool, and I wanted to share it with you.
I was attracted to Christina Aguilera's hair straightening brush that I found at my local Lidl supermarket for under € 15.
The price was convenient, and I needed something that would help me manage my hair in between straightening with my ghd (I usually straighten my hair with ghd hair straightener twice a week, after washing and blow drying my hair). But sometimes, I wake up with (sort of speaking), quite a weird situation on my head, so I need something to quickly help me fix that!

This brush has ceramic coating, ion function (which will make your hair smoother and silkier), LED display (variable temperature settings from 120° to 180°), and it promises straight hair with just a single brushstroke!

Indeed, it's quite effective, and you can see that in my review video where I filmed even my first impressions:

The negative thing about this brush is the fact that it takes quite a long time to heat up (I'm used to my ghd's that heat up in less than a minute, and this is definitely not the case with this brush).
To optimize time, I plug it in, set to desired temperature, then proceed with getting ready for the day (putting my make up on, getting dressed etc.), by the time I'm finished getting ready, the brush has heaten up and it's ready to use!

Another negative thing is the fact that it doesn't come with a thermo-protective pouch, so it's not easy to bring it along when travelling, and after using it, you need to wait until it cools down, in order to store it away.

Styling ideas:

Glossy & Sleek

Sleek and shiny hair in an instant

- lean your upper body forwards and slowly brush your hair from your neck to the tips in one stroke
- then upright your upper body again and carefully brush the top layer of hair to create a smooth finish
-to do so, follow the brush along the hair with your free hand and smooth it down
-the ionic hairbrush neutralises the static charge in the hair

Sleek & Lofty

A ponytail is a good look for any occasion

-brush through your hair thoroughly
-tease the hair on the top of your head and pull it all to the back of your head
-tie it up into a high ponytail using a hair tie
-wind a strand of hair around the hair tie and pin it in place so that the hair tie is no longer visible
(this is a trick that I actually do quite often!)

Sidewise & Low

An eye-catching side ponytail with a low side parting:

-brush through your hair thoroughly
-pull your hair over to the side you want the ponytail on
-tie the hair into a low ponytail on one side with a hair tie
-fix the roots in place with some styling cream for optimum hold

And remember, summer is ideal time to wear cute hair accessories! They'll draw the attention from the bad roots situation, and fix any bad hair day, making you instantly look trendy and put together, like you actually made an effort!


  1. Good review 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. This is such a great review! So good to know the good and not so good about any product. Thank you!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you like this review :-) have you ever tried using these type of styling tools?

  3. Super recenzija, definitivno dobar proizvod čak i ako treba vremena da se zagrije i ohladi. Ja nemam ništa slično zasada doma, kosa mi je jako ravna tako da je nikad ne peglam, ali je nekad izvlačim na četku da dobijem taj 'salonski' izgled.

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