Tuesday 9 July 2019

Hello guys, I'm back with 5 outfits to inspire good mood!

Hello guys!

Long time no chat!
It's been a while since my last post, I actually can't believe it's been almost 6 months.
What started like a mini break from posting, turned into a very long period without me being active here :-/
The reason for that is mainly the fact that I rarely have time free to dedicate to posting. I'm trying really hard to keep up with my youtube channel, and post at least one video a week, but combining that with working on my blog posts, well it was just too much.
Lately my hubby has been travelling a lot for work, so during the weekdays I'm alone with my little one, and on weekends, when my hubby's at home, I work. So it's been tough and we've been super busy. I hope you'll understand. I never really thought of quitting my blog, it's just that sometimes I prefer to go to sleep, rather than staying awake to blog, whilst my little one is taking a nap.
I really trully enjoy motherhood and it's my choice to dedicate myself fully to it: Everything else comes after that! 

Anyway, I'm going to try really hard to come back to posting, as often as I can! Now it's a little past midnight, my son is asleep, and I'm typing this post for you, because, clearly I feel motivated!

I'd like to share with you 5 outfits that are easy to wear, quite casual, but meant to inspire good mood, as this is what fashion is all about!

Here in Italy we've been under a true heat wave, with very high temperatures during the day and night!
My style hasn't changed too much since I became a Mum, only now I prefer to wear functional, comfy and practical clothes and footwear. I'm constantly running around, or running after my little one, at least I want to feel good in what I'm wearing!
Of course, I still like it to be cute and on trend, with a touch of personal style.
In my wardrobe, you can find a lot of denim, rompers/ jumpsuits, cool print cotton tees, and comfy footwear: boots and sneakers.

Outfit # 01

I'm wearing my cotton grey tee paired with this cozy white romper from H&M.
I have a neon yellow Converse, Ray ban sunnies, and a denim shirt in case it gets a bit chilly in the afternoon.

Outfit # 02

I'm wearing my good old skinny jeans from Zara, paired with colorful cotton tee, and a fringe jacket by Hollister.
Again, I'm wearing super comfy footwear, and a colorful necklace, to add that summer touch to the outfit.

Outfit # 03

This outfit calls for summer vacation!
In fact, I'm wearing this super cozy and colorful jumpsuit by Hollister that I always bring with me on my summer vacations. I paired it with a crochet knit sweater on top, as it was a bit windy that day.
White All Star sneakers are my must have!

Outfit # 04

I enjoy wearing mini white skirt in summer time and it can be denim, or leather, as in this photo (from Zara). As I've mentioned, I like to complete my looks with something denim: It can be a jacket, shirt, or even a vest, I think it always looks nice and gives to the outfit that comfy everyday feel.

Outfit # 05

This outfit is super casual as I'm wearing a pair of jeggings and a simple grey sweatshirt, but the colorful boots make it cuter and more interesting.

Lastly, don't forget to smile!
Whatever you're wearing, it can look amazing if you have enough confidence and positive attitude!

I hope you enjoy this post!
Please leave me your comments, I'd love to hear from you.
I hope I'll chat to you soon :-)

xo from Italy,


  1. Molto carini. Buona giornata:)

    1. Grazie mille! Ciao cara, buona giornata anche a te!

  2. Oh, all your looks are so cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. So happy to see a post from you! Know that whenever you have time to post, we are all here ready to enjoy. It sounds like you have such a busy schedule so it's definitely understandable that you can't always be working on blog posts. That being said...I love this one! You have incredible style. That fringe jacket is everything!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon for always being there for me and supporting with your lovely comments! I need to take some new ootd pics, at least from my phone, or selfies, as I do have some new items that I'd like to share! It's really hard to find time to blog, now it's almost 1 a.m. and I'm posting instead of sleeping because it's the only time during the day when I can sit down and write! But tomorrow I'm working so I'd better go to sleep, surely my little one will be my alarm clock tomorrow! :-) xoxo from Italy

  4. Predivne su sve kombinacije, a najviše od svega tvoja pozitivna energija! Super su ove fotografije.
    Što se tiče bloga mislim da oduzima puno vremena i nitko ne može biti stalno prisutan na svakoj društvenoj mreži. Ja sam odustala od Youtube i nekako se bavim samo blogom. Ne može se imati vremena za sve. Ima se smisla posvetiti onome u čemu si se našla, za nekoga to je Youtube, za nekoga Instagram a za nekog blog.


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